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People Are Gathering For A Global Climate Strike

People from all over the world are coming together to conduct a global climate strike that aims at a green and cleaner tomorrow.

Climate Change- Reason Behind Global Climate Strike

Ever since humanity took its first step into the industrial era, environmental pollution has risen significantly. Rivers and lakes that were once pollution-free are now murky and smelly as a result of industrial waste. The air which was once fresh and clear became polluted with all sorts’ dangerous carbon emissions that have had devastating effects on the environment as a whole.

So many animals have had their habitats destroyed, causing their extinction or endangerment. The climate strike movement began in 2017 when a group of students from Bristol University started campaigning against climate change and the adverse effects it was having on the earth.

Slowly the phenomena sparked similar concerns with people living abroad. People have gathered to show their support for the environment and are demanding that the government take steps to reduce the carbon emission.

Children And Young Students Make the Largest Group of Participants

Surprisingly a majority of the people participating in these protest are young students and school-going children who have gathered together to fight for their future as it is they who will be the most affected in the coming time.

Student activists in some parts of the world have demanded that climate change be made an important part of their school curriculum to generate better understanding amongst children and youth.

Various party leaders and prominent politicians even chipped in to encourage the young activist.

Quit Spreading Mass Hysteria

Like in every event, there’s always that somebody who goes the extra mile and gets himself painted as an extremist as he loses his sense of judgment. Instead of spreading a positive message, he ends up spreading mass hysteria and confusion.

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