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GM Unveils Semi-Autonomous Driving System

General Motors unveiled its semi-autonomous driving system for Cadillac. The new product developed over an extended period is an add-on to 2018 CT6 Sedan. GM is working on this system since 2012 and debuted it last month.

Super Cruise as the First Step to Semi-Autonomous Driving System

GM considers Super Cruise as the first step towards building semi-autonomous driving system. The technology behind the semi-autonomous driving system works with advanced LiDAR-mapped data and a driver attention system. The system as per GM gives the automotive industry’s first hands-free cruising experience.

There are different levels of self-driving cars as discussed in our previous post. Auto experts consider this new semi-autonomous driving system at level 2. In level 2, the car has partial automation, and the driver only allows the system to control brake and acceleration.

The Super Cruise system introduced by GM collects data from every mile of limited access highway in the US and Canada. The system combines real-time information with mapped data via GPS, sensors, and cameras to keep the car in its lane.

Semi-Autonomous Driving SystemGM wanted to make sure that it did not commit the mistakes other companies made, so it set driver awareness as an important priority. A camera mounted on the steering wheel, and use of infrared light monitor the driver’s head position to keep track of their attention on the road. The accident of a self-driving car in case of Uber made headlines throughout the world because of the vehicle’s inability to stop to an oncoming car.

In case the system finds the driver not alert or paying enough attention, the system and other alerts use light in the steering wheel to jolt them. In the case of an emergency, GM’s self-autonomous driving system can stop the car and contact emergency services using OnStar.

Here is how the Chief Engineer behind the platform explained its working.

“While it is technically possible for the technology to drive hands-free on other kinds of streets and roads, we feel strongly that this targeted approach is the best to build consumer and regulatory confidence and enthusiasm for advanced mobility.”

The self-autonomous driving system will not come as a standard feature on CT6. The buyers of the vehicle will have to cough up additional cost to get that system installed in their cars. The system is estimated to cost around $2,500 to Premium Luxury and Platinum editions of the car.

Super Cruise system is expected to come to the US and Canada this fall. General Motors has not revealed whether it will unroll the system to its other GM cars or in other parts of the world.

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