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Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer Reveals the Biggest Movie Merge

One of the most anticipated movies, the Godzilla Vs Kong trailer shows that the wildest imagination of fans after watching Kong skull Island and Godzilla is coming true in form of the movie. The upcoming monster-film is the newest crisp that thriller-genre enthusiasts have been waiting for since 2019, after the movie, Godzilla was released. 

Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer Raises Wonderment Among Fans

The years, 2017 and 2019 gave two big movies named Godzilla: the king of monsters and Kong Skull Island. The latest preview developed curiosity among the fans regarding the upcoming sequel of Kong Skull Island. The movie is all about the collision of the two biggest and most powerful creatures who have the strength to rule over other monsters of both land and water. 

There is a slight twist: as per different opinions, the viewers of the Godzilla Vs Kong trailer are wondering how the huge monster of water, which saved the humans from the deadly and vicious creatures in the first movie is going rogue in the new one. Similarly, Kong also played a part as a hero as the giant gorilla saved the humans from the wild and mysterious fiends of the Skull Island film. Thus, many are also speculating about who would be the protagonist-monster to be proven as the more powerful in the film. 

Devotees Cannot Wait To Watch The Film   

Reportedly, there is one particular reason that says all about the anticipation of Godzilla Vs Kong. Today people have become fond of dragons and Dinosaur movies like Jurassic World 3 and many others comprising chaos between monsters and humans. Consequently, Godzilla Vs Kong is gaining much hype due to its concept.  

Secondly, the cast is counted as one of the main aspects of a movie that encourages the public to watch the movie that has their favorite actors. According to Godzilla Vs Kong tailer, the film consists of some excellent Hollywood movies and Tv series celebrities. Some of the leading stars are Milli bobby brown who is also recognized for her work in Enola Homes movie and the Netflix show Stranger Things, Kyle Chandler, who is a well-known actor for his roles in the sitcom, What About Joan? and Alexander Skarsgard, known for his role in True Blood series. Apart from the big fight scenes between Kong and Godzilla, these personalities are also playing a vital part in grasping the attention of a wide range of people.

Releasing On Two Streaming Platforms 

The recently released Godzilla Vs Kong trailer is foreshadowing the release date, which is March 26, 2021. Furthermore, the movie will hit HBO max and probably Roku streaming platform since both have been merged recently as per the decision taken by Warner media.  

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