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Want A Good Night Sleep – Follow These Tips

Good night sleep is a far-fetched dream for many us. There is a long list of distractions we need to fight to enjoy good night sleep. Add to this already long list, smartphones. So many of us just want to scroll and spend time on social media, videos, and other stuff. Well, yes, these are necessary activities to stay in touch. However, sometimes, overuse of smartphones can destroy our sleeping patterns and make our health miserable.

Simple Tips for Good Night Sleep

Here are some valuable tips to reclaim your good night sleep, an essential part of a healthy mind and body.

Use Technology When You Need It

Technology, particularly smartphones are a continuous source of sleep-deprivation. We somehow do not find time for our friends and family members but remain glued to its screen. The endless quest to find something that would cheer us up. We fail to recognize the negative impacts of it on our sleep. Make a habit of using technology, especially smartphones, when you need to. Do not stay up for that video that you have watched dozens of time before.  

Get Disciplined

Make sure that you set a routine for your body to follow. One reason for us not able to sleep is not setting up a time. Sometimes, we are watching TV, talking or perhaps spending time on other unnecessary time eating activities. We need to only spend time on activities which would be of some benefit to us. Therefore, we have to become more disciplined about the time we wake up and go to sleep. When we follow a set sleeping pattern, it helps us overcome sleeplessness, and has an overall positive impact on our health.

Want A Good Night Sleep - Follow These Tips

Control Exposure to Light

Turn the lights off in your room where there is no need. When the light is turned on, our brain does not produce melatonin, a substance necessary for a good night sleep. The production of melatonin only kicks in once it’s dark. Therefore, it is essential to turn off lights to fall asleep. Similarly, light is another distraction and a reason for us not going to sleep. The reduction in exposure to light can help quickly fall asleep.

Find Time to Exercise

Exercise plays a critical role in getting us good night sleep. Besides helping maintain general health and fitness, exercise also helps improve quality of our sleep. It may take some time before you start realizing the real benefits of exercise. You do not necessarily have to be doing hard exercises. You can start by taking baby steps to move towards more rigorous exercise routines gradually. Besides fitness, exercise helps overcome stress.

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