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Top 5 Google Announcements from I/O Developer Conference

Google’s I/O annual developer’s conference kick-started at Shoreline Amphitheatre, in Mountain View, California. The festival, marked by the big Google announcements, elaborated latest plans of tech-giant that will transform the user’s experience in the months to come.

Google Announcements at I/O Developer’s Conference

Most of Google announcements at its I/O developer’s conference confirmed the top technology trends of 2018. Generally, they were about the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence to make the user’s interaction with technology more natural.

Let’s have a look at what Google has got in hand for its users.

  1. A Natural Conversation with Google Assistant

Google announced about offering a natural user’s experience for those who use its Assistant. Now people will be able to have a continued conversation with Google Assistant. And, they will also be able to ask more than one questions. Initially, every time users asked a question they had to say ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Okay Google’; something that felt unnatural. Now, users are likely to interact with Assistant, somehow in a way they communicate with humans.

  1. A Photo Editor with Extensive Features

According to TechCrunch one of the Google announcements was to enhance the Google Photo app with features like built-in editing tools. The app will also reportedly have AI-powered tools that will automatically fix the photos, make collages, do brightness corrections and offer suggested rotations. Offering such photo editing services might enhance Google’s ability to get insights and amass data for search purposes.

  1. A Better Experience of Google Maps

Not really, the most exciting of the Google announcements, but it will ease the tasks for the avid travelers and those who rely too much on Google Maps. The company has revealed to come up with a better experience of Google Maps apps for Android and iOS users by integrating the street view feature. A few months back, the search engine introduced its visiting of US Disney parks with Google Maps feature. Now, it is likely to expand its operations to include more sites and offer better navigation.

  1. A Customized AI Hardware

Artificial Intelligence is indeed the biggest trend of this decade. The Google’s analysts are already heralding about happening of singularity. Therefore, keeping in view the need tech giants are moving ahead to come up with customized AI hardware. On its I/O developer’s conference, Google announced to roll out customized Tensor Processor Unit 3.0, its third generation of Silicon. Coming up with a customized TPU might not impact the end user’s experience too much, but it will indeed boost the Google’s position before its competitors.

  1. An AI Powered Google News

Nowadays, news aggregator apps are in trend as users want to know what matters to them. One of the Google announcements at its event was to leverage AI for enhancing its Google News app in a way that it takes into account the user’s preferences. Briefly, the updated app will fetch news the popular resources that users’ want to visit and include the most relevant news on the base of search history and other such criteria.

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