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Google to Bring Browser Based Texting for Android Users

Google might introduce Apple’s iMessage like browser based texting app for Android users. The expected upgrade will enable Android users to send text messages via web browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla, and Opera.

Google introduced much innovative Android application in 2017; bringing in a browser-based texting app seems to be another such endeavor.

Browser Based Texting App for Android Users              

Google’s browser based texting app will work like any other messaging app running on the web. An android user may need to pair the smartphone with laptop or PC and do a scan with QP code to start texting. Google already has its web-based texting apps like its small messaging app Allo and hangouts, but they don’t work for sending SMS.

The browser based texting app will make users send SMS by working on the web. It is same like messaging and sharing files on WhatsApp, using the desktop.

Briefly, the Android users might see an Allo like app that will allow them to send SMS as well.

Browser based texting

Android Messages 2.9 APK

Reports suggest that Google’s new feature is somehow implemented in Android Messages 2.9. But, still, users can’t send and receive messages through it. If the anticipated up-gradation of the Android Messaging app becomes practical, Android users will be able to download the feature from Google Play Store. Users might use APK to send and receive the payments as well. The company may plan to monetize its new messaging app features. Considering the vast number of Android users around the globe, the success of such an app can contribute to the substantial financial benefit for the company. But, it all depends if end users consider the service worth paying for. Last year, Google introduced Android Oreo Go for cheaper smartphones in a quest to expand its target market in India.

Till now, there is no official confirmation that Google is bringing any such features. But, reports say that tech giant is experimenting with smart messaging features for Allo, Gmail, Android messages, and inbox.

Research Communication Service

In term of innovation in messaging apps, Google’s RCS (Rich Communication Services) is working to enhance the features. Like, it is looking to enable GIFs sharing, stickers sharing and location sharing features in its messaging apps, to meet the needs of modern users. Such features were lacking in Android’s messaging app. Experimenting with browser based texting apps for Android will make users do SMS in a new and more modern way.

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