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Google Is Having Second Thoughts On Cryptocurrency Advertisement Ban

According to the news reports, Google is having severe second thoughts regarding the ban over cryptocurrency advertisement. It is thinking to reverse this ban in Japan and the US. But there are several terms and conditions which will be followed in order to run the advertisement.

Rules For Running the Cryptocurrency Advertisement

The Ban by Google was announced at the beginning of 2018 and it started in June 2018. Moreover, the chrome extensions mining cryptocurrencies were also banned by Google.

There are very basic rules and regulations which are becoming the part of this deal. For instance, only those cryptocurrencies can advertise which are registered and keep proper certification. The new and unverified digital currencies are not allowed to show their advertisement.

Policy Change

Verification will be done with Google regarding the cryptocurrency advertisement in respective countries. This change is going to be revert in October which will roll out earlier in 2018. This means that Google is going to create new policies regarding the cryptocurrency advertisement.

Coinbase CEO on Crypto Advertisement

Coinbase is one of the most well-known crypto exchanges around the globe. The CEO Brian Armstrong has announced that his application has been accepted by Facebook regarding the cryptocurrency advertisement. But he has not clearly announced any such confirmation statement regarding advertisement over Google.

Clear Statement

Now all the cryptocurrency users want a generous statement by Google so that they can analyze where they stand right now. This is also important for Google to clear if the ban has already been removed or there is a plan of removing it in future. The stance over the chrome extensions provoking crypto mining also needs to be reviewed and revised.

Brief Story Behind This Controversial Currency

Cryptocurrency is the digital currency which could be used by many people to maintain their assets. Some time ago this was considered a shortcut to success by many people but then when the spam ratio increased, new policies were introduced in the market regarding the use and trade of cryptocurrency.

Most of the people adopted blockchain which was the core processing software behind the world’s first cryptocurrency seeing the decentralized nature of it. But the same population refused to accept the digital currency because of decentralized nature. The issue here is that now Google is accepting the Cryptocurrency advertisement, would it accept the cryptocurrency as well? Will this world see a new reform in the world of finance through technology or not?

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