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Google Faces Class Action Lawsuit Against Inequality Pay

Three of the Google’s former employees are suing the company with a class action lawsuit. The trio has filed a class action lawsuit on Thursday alleging that Google systematically sidelines women by paying them less. However, they say that the company pays more to the male employees for the same amount of work.

Class Action Lawsuit Extends Beyond Three Women

It is not just three women who are becoming a party to this class action lawsuit. Kelli Wisuri, Holly Pease, and Kelly Ellis are suing Google on behalf all the women who worked in the company during the last four years. It means the class action lawsuit will take Google into account for all those women. Thus, it may look into matters relating to denied promotions, being paid lesser salaries than the male colleagues, and overall discrimination at the work place.  

Lawsuit Follows James Damore’s Memo

Over a month back, one of the Googlers in the engineering department had sent a memo. In that memo he had argued that women are not biologically suited for tech careers. The company is already facing criticism over this memo. Furthermore, Department of Labor is investigating the company for pay discrimination.

What these Ex-Googlers Say?

Ellis, who is leading the lawsuit, has stated that the male engineers in the company are given more prestigious jobs with higher salaries. Furthermore, she added that she saw segregation in the company between men and women. She said that Google assigns women to less paying front-end engineer jobs while men are given more prestigious high paying backend jobs.

Pease shared that the company did not consider her for technical career track and she was classified as non-technical. Furthermore, she said that she did have the technical background to qualify for the job.

Wisuri stated that after Google acquired her start-up, she was placed in the lowest of the ranks. Therefore, she ultimately had to quit her job because she could not see any career advancement opportunities.

Google’s Response to the Class Action Lawsuit on Inequality Pay

Google responded to the allegations via a statement. In this declaration, Google argued that it tries hard to create an ideal working environment. Furthermore, the company statement adds that it wants to give equal chances to everyone to thrive. Also, the company statement says that the tech firm intends to become a great company for every one of its employees.

Google Faces Class Action Lawsuit Against Inequality PayOn this class action lawsuit, the statement read that Google will investigate this matter into further detail. On the hiring and promotions, one of the company’s spokeswoman said that the firm follows rigorously set procedures. Furthermore, she added that the company also conducts multiple reviews while also ensuring that there is no gender bias involved in hiring or promotion of employees.

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