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Google Glass Back with Enterprise Focus

Google Glass is coming back as an Enterprise-centric product. It will get customized for
industrial applications and usages. The critics argue that it should have been originally
developed for businesses instead of the consumers.

Updates to Google Glass for Enterprise

It gets a camera upgrade from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels. The revised version offers
greater battery timing and improved processing capabilities. It has an indicator for video
recording and an update to the Wi-Fi speeds. Above all, instead of working with a particular
frame, the new upgrade can work with any eyewear. Therefore, industries can also use it as
safety glass.

Detachability Adds to Versatility of Google Glass

The new Google Glass EE with a detachable module gives the users the flexibility to put it to different usages. Some of the industries which can take advantage of the new improved
Google Glass include manufacturing, agriculture, medical, and logistics. The company is
already exploring avenues to relaunch its products for use in different industries.

Some Useful Google Glass Features for the Enterprises

Here is a look at some of how Google Glass is helping companies become better at carrying out their tasks.

Quick Connectivity with Workers

By the use of Google Glass, workers in a factory can easily connect each other. They can combine their expertise to overcome even the most challenging tasks. The ability to view live videos lets them better collaborate and quickly provide troubleshooting assistance.

Get Job Done Quickly

The availability of training material and videos with annotated instructions provide easy yet simpler ways to carry out even the most complex tasks. The workers can access the knowledge base to get work done safely yet quickly while delivering a higher quality of output.

Streamline Processes

In a high-pressure work environment, consistency and quality are paramount. Minor distractions can sometimes result in significant losses for the company. Google Glass helps the workers remain engaged with the tasks at hand by activating the right applications as per the requirements of a given situation.

Two Examples of Google Glass Helping Industries

Google Glass Back with Enterprise FocusAviation Industry

In the aviation industry, even the smallest mistakes can cause costly delays. The errors can
lead to doing the entire maintenance routines from the start. Its use lets the mechanics
follow videos and animations to finish the maintenance work with fewer errors. Therefore,
the use of Google Glass EE improves aviation mechanics’ work efficiency.

Logistics Industry

Accuracy is the key in dispatching packages for big courier companies. The package sorters
had to work hard for long hours to accurately sort packages. It can help them get accurate
information about the packages right in their line of sight. Research suggests that the use of Google Glass EE can assist the package sorters to increase their efficiency by up to 15%.

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