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How New Google Glasses Can be Helpful to Deaf People?

Google announced the launch of its AR glasses at Google I/O 2022 on May 11. The tech giant released a short clip giving a sneak peek into what Google Glasses will be like. The video showcasing revealed that the glasses are made to show text while people talk to each other. Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke about the upcoming product. He briefed about its features and how the glasses will be a good tech piece for the real world. Some critics also raised concerns regarding privacy and safety, but the reviewers will have to wait until the device is launched.  

How Does the Google Glasses Work?

According to the tech giant, the main purpose of Google Glasses is to break the language barriers. As per the video by google, the AR glasses show translation or text before the eyes of people wearing them. It appears to be subtitles of one’s speech with another person having the glasses on. The piece of tech seems to have a real-time translation service like a mobile phone with text notifications appearing in front of the eyes but in 3D. So far, the video only revealed the major feature of the product but didn’t provide complete information on how it will function. It isn’t sure If the device will require a smartphone to be connected or just the internet to work the way it is supposed to.  

Critics of the Google AR Glasses

The previous Google glass was a failure for several reasons, including a very hyped one that wearing a computer glass on the face can threaten other people’s privacy and security. The criticism of the glass was that it could record other people, and thus it’s not safe. In 2018, the restaurants and bars in the US didn’t allow users to enter. A similar case is with the imminent Google glasses. The critics are all about safety concerns. They are curious about the company’s plan to make the device better and more secure than the previous one.  

The Selling Point of View

Sundar Pichai fixated on how Google glasses will make everyday lives better. The company’s point of view is that people can use technology and still be a greater part of the real world rather than staying a computer bug. The real-world experience through tech is what can make it a better preference. Where the world is already witnessing the impact of virtual reality on people in terms of benefits and harms, Augmented reality can also be a part of the technological universe. The features are already working on smartphones, like the Pokémon game has been very popular among gamers. The AR glasses will be a new step toward making many people’s lives much simpler.

For example, hard of hearing people will be able to read the texts appearing before their eyes, and they will be able to communicate better with others. Other than that, the translation feature, as addressed by the company, will remove the language boundaries as people having different languages or dialects will be able to have comprehendible conversations.

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