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Google Hire Tested by Google For Launch

LinkedIn has finally got a competition worth it’s matching. Google is now testing Google Hire, a potential alternative to the corporate world for hiring people and announcing jobs.

Google Hire aims to help the company enter into the job board market. Only a handful of small businesses are currently experimenting with the Google Hire.

There is not much information available about this service. However, recruitment industry experts believe that this new service will facilitate employers with the posting of new jobs and manage job applications.

Some of the companies as per the reports already testing this service include CoreOS, Medisas, DramaFever, and SingleHop.

Google Hire Connection with Bebop

Google Hire Connection with BebopGoogle acquired Bebop in 2015 which is a startup firm related to enterprise and productivity tools. Some experts speculate that Bebop’s founder Diane Greene is currently overseeing the Google Hire product.

Many of the job openings displayed on Google Hire are listed on Bebop website.

LinkedIn Acquired by Microsoft

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for a massive $26 billion amount. Ever since the acquisition, LinkedIn has seen a lot of changes. Many of the users complain about deteriorating user experience, particularly the ability to interact more freely on the network. However, it is still not easy for a new entrant to capture the market of disgruntled LinkedIn users.

Why Is It Not Easy for Google Hire To Outsmart LinkedIn?

Linked is around for several years. Unlike Google Hire, which is mainly targeted at the companies for now (as the reports suggest), LinkedIn is a professional social media network.

The users of LinkedIn do not just apply to or post jobs. There is more to LinkedIn than meets the eye. LinkedIn has become a community of like-minded professionals with companies showing their successes.

LinkedIn may not be able to offer the same kind of social connectivity which it used to provide a few years ago. However, it remains the most promising professional network for people to contact each other.

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However, having said that, Google Hire can become an alternate to LinkedIn if it can provide the same utility which LinkedIn provided. For example, if Google decides that its new hiring tool is a lot more than that.

What if Google decides that it wants to integrate Google Hire with its social media platform Google+ and make it work the similar way like LinkedIn.

In the corporate world, job postings play an important role. Companies often struggle to find the right talent because of the inadequacy of tools to attract the right kind of talent. Google with millions of users can help solve this problem.

The success of Google Hire and the fact that if it will be able to replace LinkedIn depends on the marketing strategy. If the company only believes in it as a tool for hiring and posting jobs, then it may not be able to provide any greater utility than that. But if the plan is to launch Google Hire as another successful professional social media network than LinkedIn must start thinking about its future.

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