Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Google Brings Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier Apps

Google announced that it is launching two new softwares called live transcribe and sound amplifier that will help people with hearing difficulties communicate better. The tech giant said that each year the number of people suffering partial or complete hearing disabilities are increasing people and the app will be beneficial to them.

How will Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier Work

 The live transcribe is an app that will help hearing-impaired people to communicate better as it will provide a text translation of the conversation happening. The app will use the phone microphone and speakers to analyze the conversation and then display text accordingly

The application allows users the option to indulge in a two-way conversation via type keyboard for users who don’t want to or can’t speak. It is available in 70 different languages and dialects. The app will gradually roll out in a limited beta to users worldwide via the Play Store and pre-installed on Pixel 3 devices.

Sound Amplifier specification 

Sound amplifier is an app designed to assist people using live transcribe to filter out background noise and hence eliminate any hindrances or miscommunication from occurring. The amplifying app augments sound in wired headphones by increasing quiet sounds while at the same time preventing the sound from getting over-boosted. Sound amplifier comes with a variety of customizable settings allowing users to customize the algorithm to their liking.

To download the app go to the Google play store. The application supports Android 9 Pie and comes pre-installed on Pixel 3. 

The launch of both these apps will surely help people with hearing difficulty become more productive at work and will increase their employment rate exponentially.

Google Always There To Help People

Google in recent tech conference announced that it wants to play its role in promoting equality and help make the lives of people with physical difficulties easier by providing them the tools they need to carry out their day to day tasks whether at work or home. We want to help make their lives normal as possible.

To achieve Google has employed a wide range of people with physical difficulties and the right skill set to help it design the most useful tools that help people who are physically challanged.

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