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Google Password Checkup Helps Users Protect Their Account

To protect its user privacy Google launched a new tool called Password Checkup which will tell users if their password is hacked or not.

How Does Google Password Checkup work

After announcing the launch of its new encryption system Adiantum. Google has decided to enhance its online security. Even though Google Chrome already has a built-in password and username protection.

Google’s Password checker will tell you if your password is hacked whenever you enter it. The Password Checkup compares your login info to the 4 billion credentials Google knows aren’t safe, if a match is found you are advised to change your login info immediately to prevent any breach.

The tool should be considered an added layer of protection and does not prevent external hacks from occurring. To prevent hacks from happening use the two-factor authentication method coupled with other good security practices.

Google’s new Password Checkup compares the entered information locally and does not transmit the data to Google or any third party. The encryption system used to protect the login info is a combination of different encryption methods based on the best Google and  Stanford University cryptography practices.

To add this new extension tool to your chrome browser visit the Chrome extension page.

What else is new

News about hacked yahoo and Bing accounts didn’t sit well with Google as it takes great pride in its user protection system. So to prevent anyone from hijacking your account, Google has stepped up its game

In a recent tweet, Google CEO Sunder Pichai announced that Google along with the password checker also launched a cross platform checker

The feature will provide extended encryption protection to the user using Gmail accounts to sign into other apps that connect to Google. In case of any breach, the security system will only share the news of that breach with you and will share your information with the app you are signed in to connect with Google.

The platform was developed with the collaboration of all major technology companies at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and Open ID Foundation to make is easy for all app to implement.

Reaction of people 


are happy with step with new Google Password Checkup feature.

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