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Google Revenue Slumps after Gmail and YouTube Go Down

On Monday 14th, 2020, Gmail and YouTube experienced an outrage for almost thirty-seven minutes.  As per news reports, the statistics say that the ad revenue of YouTube is $6.246 billion, which means a 37 min glitch might have caused the loss of $47,147 per minute; Thus, Google revenue fell down by $1.7 million, reportedly.

Impact on Google Revenue due to Gmail and YouTube Crash

When the public acknowledged the problem with the sites, they started wondering why Gmail and YouTube suddenly crashed. After some time, both the platforms were stable and ready to use. Team YouTube and Google workplace tweeted to inform the users that the issues had been resolved. 

However, even after resolving the problem in a short time, Google revenue went down by almost $1.7M.

Google Outage Affecting Hardware Devices

When Gmail and YouTube were down, the users of google devices were also affected by the outrage. The reason was that the google devices including Chromecast, google Tv, and several others stopped working because these devices are connected through Google. Moreover, they usually stream YouTube videos therefore, those who use the devices to watch YouTube videos, also became the victims of the crash.  

How Will Google Recover From Loss?

Undoubtedly, Google revenue loss seems huge. However, the company earns revenue worth millions of dollars in a single day. Therefore, allegedly, it will not be hard for Google to gain the money back. Every day, a YouTube video becomes the most-watched YouTube video due to the viewers’ enthusiasm towards the platform.  Since people rely on youtube so much, they won’t let it go into darkness.

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