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Google Revoked Huawei’s Android License after Trump’s Executive Order

  The high tariffs placed on China by the US are just the tip of the ice barge. After Trump’s executive orders, all companies related to telecommunication equipment production will no longer do business with Huawei. In compliance with these orders, Google has revoked  Huawei’s Android license.

Google Questions But Complies

With Trump’s Executive Order Huawei is in the list of the companies barred from working in the United States as per the President’s executive order.  The impact of the order has started showing up now, In a press statement, Google stated that as per the requirement of the order, Google was revoking Huawei’s play store and other Google services licenses.

The statement further read that Google was still reviewing the implications of the executive orders from the white house. Due to the suspension, future users of Huawei will not be able to install or use any Google services, including Gmail and YouTube but confirmed that all existing user would be able to update apps using the play store. A result of the ban Huawei will not have access to Google security patches and Android beta programs until further notice.

What should Huawei Do Now

It seems there are only two logical things Huawei and its subsidiary can do; one is to wait patiently for the Trump’s administration to reverse the decision. The second is they make their own operating system, which may take years to perfect and develop.

The US for a long time has suspected Huawei for spying on its citizens on behalf of the Chinese government.  Now it shope that implementation of this order will discourage companies from doing such things.

People Reaction To The Situation

According to different survey companies, people are hesitant in buying Huawei products and phone after Google’s announcement. One youngster while talking to the media said as Google owns the Android ecosystem so for Huawei to get banned means it won’t be able to use any Google services at all, making it useless for customers to buy its products.

While another youngster told the media that she needs to use her Gmail account and other accounts associated with it on a regular basis. So for her, this news is truly devastating as she is currently using Huawei’s phone and is completely confused about the situation.

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