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Pakistani Celebrities that Made It to Google Search Trends

When the year nears an end, Google reveals the list of the top things that users searched the most. The year 2020’s Google search trends were much predictable due to Covid 19 and certain events that made the highlights. Usually, the popular searches of celebrities roam around certain controversies

Google Search Trends Related to Celebrity Weddings

Almost every Pakistani recognizes the famous singer Falak Shabir and his wife, the Pakistani drama star Sarah Khan. The couple was recently married and the public liked them to a great extent. Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir became the most cherished couple of Pakistan after their wedding went viral.

Furthermore, their wedding videos and photos went viral and became so popular that the couple started to trend on Twitter. The public wished them good luck and prayed for their bright future ahead.

Alizeh Shah Due to Her Scandal

It looks like the public is keen on searching for anything related to scams and scandals associated with celebrities. One probable reason behind Alizeh Shah’s name in the top Google search trends of 2020 seems her scandal of leaked private pictures. Alizeh is the actress who worked in the popular ISPR series Ehd e Wafa. She also won the Hum Award for Best Television Sensation because of her performance in Drama, Ishq Tamasha. Besides, she defended herself against the scandal news by saying that the viral inappropriate content was supposedly posted to defame her and the show Ehd E Wafa.

Asim Azhar And Hania Amir 

Other celebrities who made it to the Google search trends are Asim Azhar and Hania Amir. the duo remained in news for their alleged break-up and patch-up.

Asim Azhar is among the good singers of Pakistan and is known for his contributions to many hit songs in the Pakistani music industry. He even made his name in the Indian Music industry by singing Hamrah in the Hindi movie Malang.  

Asim was also popular due to his alleged relationship with the Pakistani drama actress Hania Amir. Nonetheless, the public started searching for his name due to Hania’s statement that they are just good friends. Both Hania Amir and Asim Azhar became a social media topic after Hania’ s statement. Their viewers also trolled them upon their supposed breakup.

Uzma Khan and her controversy with Malik Riaz’s daughter

Popularity isn’t necessarily an outcome of fame for any individual; It is also a byproduct of notoriousness followed by controversies and allegedly bad deeds. In Uzma Khan’s scenario, the public has always known her for her acting skills in films like Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. Though in March 2020, Uzma faced an intense situation when a woman named Amna forcefully entered her house, broke things, allegedly harassed her in the name of an allegation that she was having an affair with Amna’s husband, Usman. 

Amna explained the entire context later.

The whole scene was recorded and went viral on social media. Thus, the General public and even celebrities presented a variety of views regarding the entire situation. 

The business tycoon Malik Riaz tweeted that the incident was propaganda against him and he had nothing to with the case. 

Marvi Sirmed’s Dispute with Khalil-Ur-Rehman 

Google search trends are also including some names besides the Tv stars. One of those names is Marvi Sirmed who’s a renowned personality due to her role as a human rights activist, journalist, and commentator. She is famous for being vocal against crimes like rape, forced abductions, and other human rights violent. She is also a staunch proponent of women’s rights.

Marvi Sirmed’s dispute with writer Khaleel-ur-Rehman Qamar in March 2020, remained in the limelight until Covid 19 became a full-blown pandemic. Sirmed had a heated argument with Khaleel over Aurat March slogan Mera Jism Meri Marzi.

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