Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Google Testing Lite Search App for Slow Internet Connections

Google is testing its new Lite Search App. The revelation became public with an advertisement seen in Indonesia. The ad on Facebook by Google invites users to test a new app.

Users who clicked on the ad and followed through got a link. By following this link, they can test the Lite Search App on an experimental basis. The Google Lite Search App currently seems to be targeting the Indonesian market.

Why Launch Lite Search App?

Many companies in the tech space realize the problems that slow internet connection users face. Therefore, they want to make sure they can provide the same user experience regardless of the internet connection speed. Lite apps take over that role and try to deliver a somewhat similar user experience and utility.

By launching Lite Search App, Google aims to help users search easier and faster. Similarly, the Lite Search App is more data-friendly, taking the worry of internet speed out of the users’ life. The app may also offer some valuable offline features to the end-users. Thus, users can quickly find whatever they want to search online.

It is not yet clear if the Lite Search App would have a smaller file size. Since smartphones with less RAM space will find it hard to run heavy mobile applications. The Lite Search App will hopefully use fewer smartphone resources.

Some Useful Features of the Google Lite Search App

There are four local language options available in the app. Since this version is only targeting Indonesia, the options appear to be local Indonesian languages.

The users can also select from other different options. They can find icons on News, Translation, Cricket Scores, Weather, Movies, Songs, Recipes, and More. The users can add or remove items from these available options to customize the app as per their information needs. Google is not the only company fondling with the idea of letting users quickly access news. Facebook trending news feature reflects the same kind of urgency to let users quickly access trending news items.

The Search Lite offers both text and voice search options. If you look at the app’s bottom, you will find an easy to use the search option. You also get keyword suggestions when you are searching for something online.

Google Testing Lite Search App for Slow Internet ConnectionsFine Tune Results in the Lite Search App

The Lite Search App lets you define the kind of results that you want to see. Since Google assumes you are using a slow internet connection, you can also limit your search results only to see Lite Web Pages.

Lite web pages’ concept is somewhat similar to that of the AMP. Similarly, you can also force the app to only use its internal browser instead of using your mobile’s default browser.

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