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Google and Walmart to Venture into Voice Activated Shopping

Walmart and Google are planning to venture into voice activated shopping. Walmart understands it may not have the technology edge to do voice activated shopping alone. Therefore, as per the announcement, Walmart is going to partner with Google to push forward with this initiative. Walmart and Google will jointly work on this technology to perfect it for a range of items.

The Role of Google Assistant in Voice Activated Shopping

Walmart will rely on Google Assistant to provide the voice activated shopping experience to its customers. The retail giant will be using Google Assistant to offer voice activation for hundreds of thousands of items that it sells online. It is going to take a lot of time before the customers can start using this service. The company hopes that these services will be made available to the customers by September this year.

Google knows it is big for the enterprise, the most significant retail partnership it had with any company to date. Google is already finding ways to improve the reach of its Home speaker. Amazon and its Alexa have so far been dominating this area. Therefore, Google and Walmart combo seems to be a match in heaven to compete with Amazon.

Bright Future of Voice Activation Technology

A lot of the new devices have built-in voice activation technology. Even Apple is working on its voice activation technology. Walmart believes that Google’s investment in artificial intelligence and natural language processing will popularize the concept of voice activated shopping. The artificial intelligence built within the Google Assistant will let it take care of the specifics of the general orders of its users. They can just shout out items like bread, cheese, and milk. Google Assistant will know in what quantities and from which of the brands the users need these things.

Google Late to the Party

Amazon is way ahead of Google and Walmart in voice activated shopping. The company launched Echo back in late 2014. However, Google only introduced shopping to Home February this year. It is an attempt by Walmart to work with the search engine giant to cover the online shopping market share gap that exists between the two.

Google and Walmart to Venture into Voice Activated ShoppingWalmart Strategizing Shipping

Walmart knows it has to do a lot of work to compete with Amazon. Therefore, it is working on forging strategic alliances to improve shipping of the products. The company is in talks with ride-hailing service Uber to deliver groceries to the customers at home. Similarly, it is collaborating with companies like Sam’s Club to offer same day delivery of the shopped items.

Artificial intelligence has to take center stage in this partnership. Furthermore, without data integration, Google Assistant cannot predict what the customers want. Therefore, Walmart is going to integrate its Easy Reorder feature into Google Express. Shoppers who want to use the Google Assistant to order items from Walmart will have to link Google Express with Walmart. This integration will let Google Assistant have a look at the items shoppers regularly order and accordingly predict the items.

Google Toying with Artificial Intelligence

Google understands that textual search is not something to remain available forever. Therefore, it is already working on introducing artificial intelligence into search. This artificial intelligence would let the search engine guess what a user wants. Therefore, this partnership might be the first step for Google to put to test its artificial intelligence technology to help shoppers shop items online.

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