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Google’s AI to Predict Heart Attack Risk By Scanning Eyes

Google and Verily have announced to create an algorithm that predicts the heart attack risk by scanning the eyes of a person. The Google’s AI will also predict the risk of high blood pressure or stroke.

Effectiveness of Google’s AI to Predict Heart Attack

Google’s AI scanned eye retinas of more than 280,000 patients to predict the cardiovascular diseases. Review of such a massive database trained Google’s new algorithm to examine the pattern of heart attack and high blood pressure risk in the patients, reported Washington Post.

Reports further suggest that Google’s new algorithm proved to be 70% accurate. Researchers exposed it to the eye retinas of the two persons, one who was healthy and the other who suffered the heart disease. Most of the times, Google’s AI predicted the disease, but it is still considered far from perfect.

Google’s new algorithm to detect the heart disease, proves that Artificial Intelligence is inevitably going to be one of the top technology trends of 2018.

Googles AI

Impact of Google’s AI in Disease Diagnosis

Well, Google’s AI might not prove to be too much useful for the diagnosis of the disease at the current stage, because it is not more efficient than conventional methods like blood tests, which are far too accurate. But, the latest research is groundbreaking and opens to doors for further possible innovation that can revolutionize the way field of health works. The tech giant is also looking to introduce the techniques that can overcome the shortcomings of AI in the area of health. For example in the recent case of heart disease diagnostic, Google used a software, ‘Soft Attention’ to detect the part of the eye images that were more responsive to the algorithm.

Google is exploiting artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to predict other diseases as well. The company used the technique to diagnose the disease that is causing blindness.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Health Industry

Health and Fitness Apps are a huge trend nowadays. People use smartwatches and associated smartphone apps to detect their performance during a work-out regime. Apart from this, there are health apps that are already helping in the diagnosis of mild diseases by using different symptoms as input. But, use of Artificial Intelligence to create the products like Google’s AI for predicting heart disease might be more useful in future. It may allow tech giants to come up with computational mechanisms for detecting the chronic diseases.

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