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Google’s New 3D Mapping Technology Reveals Taiwan’s Secret Base

According to media reports Google while mapping different cities of Taiwan using its 3D mapping technology accidentally revealed some of its secret military bases harboring the previously unknown patriot missile system.

What Did the New 3D Mapping Show

The new technology is a projection mapping system just like video or spatial augmented reality mapping used for 3D display. Google has updated its maps to improve its mapping technology further.

Google While 3D mapping Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, and Taichung ended up revealing different defense infrastructure of the Taiwanese military and bureau of intelligence. The mapping showed all the different missile, their launchers and their positions with clarity.

The breach has come at a time when tensions are high between Taiwan and China. For decades China has claimed that Taiwan is a province of China which should unite with it willingly or else.

In January Chinese President Xi Jinping in a statement, while talking to the media said that the unification of both the countries is inevitable, so there’s no point in staling. He further commented that the country could achieve unification under the one country two model system just like Hong Kong and Macau.

Taiwanese Response To The 3D Mapping

Taiwan’s Defense Minister Yen Te-fa in a press release said that Taiwan was closely working with Google to resolve this problem and ordered to re-evaluate how to improve the camouflaging techniques. The Defense Minister assured Taiwan was perfectly capable of protecting itself and there is no need to worry.

 A Defense official while talking to the media said that Google had been asked to blur all the military and defense structures. He further commented that the confidential part of the base was remained hidden.

Is This The First Time This Has Happened

The recent advancements in commercial satellite technology has raised problems for many countries looking to keep secrecy. On many occasions, Google has unwillingly ended up exposing military secrets.

In 2016 Google while mapping the tech giant ended up exposing a Taiwanese military fortification that was under construction in Itu Aba, in the South China Sea. The tech giant on request from the Taiwan government blurred the picture.

Then in 2012 Apple was told to bluer a base in the city of Hsinchu, housing cutting-edge US-made radar that can detect missile launches all the way from China.

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