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Google’s OS Android Oreo Go to Make Smartphones Efficient

Google has introduced Android Oreo go, a new operating system that utilizes less space and memory. The tech giant has designed this fast operating system for cheaper smartphones. The software is compatible with smartphones with at least 510 megabytes memory. Google’s Android is used by 2 billion smartphones and has evolved for the low-budget devices.

Here are the details about Google’s new operating system.

What is Android Oreo Go?

Google has partnered with MediaTek, a Taiwanese company that manufactures chips for low-priced devices. Android Oreo Go edition of the operating system has following features.

  1.    The operating system’s UI and Kernel are optimum for smartphones with at least 512MB RAM.
  2.    New OS offers updated security to devices for even cheaper smartphones.
  3.    OS also comes up with apps like Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube along with core OS. All these features are capable of running on devices with low memory.
  4.    Users can download new operating system from Google’s play store.

Cheaper Smartphones

Android Oreo Go Edition for Cheaper Smartphones

Google Android is primarily for the flagship smartphones like Samsung. Now, the company’ is looking to target the new market segments. Therefore, it has launched Android Oreo Go in India, a country with a population of 1.2 billion. Further India is the second largest nation of smartphone users after China. Due to this reason, it offers a potential market for the Android Oreo Go as consumers need cheaper and faster software for their smartphones. Google is also looking forward to enhancing the user’s experience of its operating system. Recently, it has also banned the Android apps that show ads on the lock screen.

The Case of Google’s Android One Line

Google’s Android Oreo Go is not the first product of its kind. Earlier, it launched its Android One smartphones in the African market. The company’s idea was to offer low budget devices that cost below $100.  The smartphone boasted features relatable to the African users. With this intent, it wanted to compete with Chinese companies offering their products for less than $50. Due to competition, it reportedly plans to cut down its prices to $30 for various devices. As far as Android Oreo Go is concerned, it can help smartphone companies to increase their consumer base by offering more efficient system. Combination of cheaper smartphones with a suitable OS can also increase the smartphone usage in emerging markets of Asia and Africa.

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