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GPU Shortage Ends and New Prices Flood the Market

The past two years have been tough for gamers and PC users due to the global GPU shortage. They had to spend a lot of money to buy an average GPU card or wait long enough for the updated version of the graphic cards. However, the recent changes in the global market indicate that GPU cards and accessories are cheaper and available on every platform. RTX 3070 Ti, 3070 FE, Radeon RX 6750 XT, 6900 XT, and 6950 XT, MSRP, and RTX 3080 are the most wanted cards today which were short in the market and are now regulating with good pace on the platforms. Gamers can now approach the vendors and place their orders on eBay, AMD’s website, and MSRP.

GPU Shortage Ends amid Crypto Crash

Crypto miners have been using ultra-performance GPU chips and high-end computers to continue their rigs. The recent crypto crash turned out to be the game-changer for the miners and ended the GPU shortage on a global level. The miners had to look for an escape to save their time and money before the complete blackout in the crypto world. The initial step they took was selling their GPUs at cheaper rates. Also, the market started to flood with more and more graphic cards as the vendors didn’t even blink before buying the chips at cheap prices.

Less Demand for GPUs

Aside from the fallen rates and increased ratio of the graphic cards available on the online selling sites, the demand for the cards has decreased. GPU shortage was a pain in the head for so many gamers and PC users that the surge has led them to drop the idea of buying old models. Many are waiting for updated GPUs thus, not spending money on the currently circulating cards in the market. Reportedly, different companies including Nvidia and Intel are introducing new chips soon. Intel might be launching its own desktop GPU cards soon and Nvidia is reportedly introducing the RTX 4000 series in the coming months. Hence, the buyers are waiting for the latest versions and skipping the idea of getting used and outdated graphic cards.

Revised Prices

The RTX and AMD cards are available on eBay. Now that the prices are being fluctuated, people can have a look at the revised prices of the GPUs. Elite gamers who spend money on the best gaming monitors, headsets, CPU casings, and advanced graphic cards can customize their PC with the help of the price chart to see what’s suitable for them. The GPU shortage curse has lifted but left PC users confused regarding their choices. Hence, the price structure might be a help to them.  

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