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Great Khali Joins Indian Farmers In Protest Against Agriculture Laws

Former WWE superstar, Dalip Singh Rana who is known by his ring name The Great Khali is also backing the protest over new agriculture laws. More than 300,000 Indian farmers from multiple states started marching towards New Delhi during the weekend. Police erected barriers on major roads that lead to the city. Some got through while others made makeshift camps with an intention to stay as long as their demands are not met. Their camps have blocked the entrance of city.

Farmers started protesting in September after three government bills that are likely to jeopardize their livelihoods at the hands of corporates. According to government’s narrative the new laws aim to free the farmers from middlemen by deregulating the price of crops. Farmers have argued that these laws favor rich corporations rather than farmers.

Those who supported the protest became hopeful after seeing a friendly giant on their side.

Great Khali Urges Everyone To Support The Cause Of Farmers

The Punjabi wrestler clearly warned the Indian government to retract the new laws. He raised noise with the protestors and explained how farmers and commoners will face troubles due to these laws.

Not only Great Khali but many Punjabi celebrities like Diljit Dosanjh have also raised their concerns against these laws which will affect Indian farmers in general and Punjabi farmers in particular.

Why These Laws Are Not Acceptable for Indian Farmers?

According to Indian government, it will be easy for farmers to bypass government regulated market or mandi and directly sell their produce to private companies. It would also allow them to get contracts with these companies which will open doors for doing business in multiple states.

Farmers would be able to stockpile and then benefit from selling if the country is facing rising prices due to some calamity (like COVID-19 pandemic). Previously, such practices were illegal for farmers. PM Modi also said that fear of farmers is misdirected and opposition has a part to play in it.

So Why Farmers Are Angry?

The laws may sound progressive to most of the international world which is unaware of how a third world country survives the day. New laws put farmers in danger of losing most of their protections. According to reports, more than 86.21% of India’s agriculture land is under control of small and marginal land holders. Countless number of people hold less than 5 acres of land each.

They do not possess enough bargaining power to demand a reasonable price from large corporations. It will allow any private company to fool them into taking the produce in less payment. They tend to take the items and pay over the period according to contract. Farmers will also lose their one-time payment for each delivery and the company probably will clear their payment after 45 days.

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