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Who is the Greatest Salesman in the World?

So, who is the greatest salesman in the world? The debate for the best salesman in the world will linger on forever. But, surely some bright and intelligent individuals made it to the top. They remain a role model on how to be a good salesman.

Quest for Greatest Salesman

Let’s browse through the names that can be considered for the title of the greatest salesman.

David Ogilvy

What can you say about a man writing a manual which would remain relevant for decades? The AGA Cooker manual speaks volumes about the prowess and meticulousness of this sales genius. His manual was ahead of time with his great intellectual insights about the business development process. A profiling of customers can be seen in his manual and the way to approach each type of customer. Thus, he is one of the most excellent salesmen who knew what to sell and whom to sell.

Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie is a great author inspiring millions around the world. He has written many books to persuade people on different subjects. Many do not know about the start of his career as a salesperson. He would later write books to influence people on essential issues. His one book about influencing others and winning friends remains a crucial writing piece to increase your professional network. He influences many to take up the career in business development. He has a vital role in helping people learn about public speaking, an essential skill used for selling.

Greatest Salesman in the World

Steve Jobs

It takes a lot of persuasions convincing a company to make products that no one else is making. There are all sorts of questions that the management would ask. Apple becomes the next big thing in IT industry, thanks to Steve Jobs steely will and determination. He would create hype about products that would later sell like hotcakes. This strategy remains central to the approach that Apple follows even after the sad demise of Steve Jobs.

Donald Trump

When it comes to Trump, we all hold strong opinions about him. The way he carries his foreign policy on his sleeves remains a cause of concern. He has persuaded people to buy from a range of businesses. His products’ boast strong quality characteristics that make consumers buy them. He takes his business seriously and has survived many financial downfalls. His aggressive attitude towards business growth remains a hallmark of a great salesman who always wants to win.

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet may not typically fall into that sales guy kind of profile. However, his ability to influence investors and make them buy his company’s shares remains topnotch. The trust he gained over the years continues to amaze. People from around the globe listen when Warren Buffet gives out his rare advice. No one questions his judgment because of his sound financial decision making. His words carry a lot of weight and reverberate across the world. If he talks good about a business’s future, its shares’ prices are bound to see an increase.

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