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Grounded Russian Private Jets Become Latest Instagram Sensation

Everyone we see on social media may not necessarily be wealthy. Many want to share an affluent social media update. Many of the rich on social media share their pictures traveling on private jets. Thus, the grounded Russian jets are fast becoming accessible with the money-savvy Instagram users.

Why Get onto Grounded Russian Private Jets?

Many people have loads of money and can regularly get snapped beside a private jet. Many others do not own private jets to share such an update. Therefore, the grounded Russian private jets come to their rescue.

These intense social media users want to put the grounded Russian private jets to their best use by renting them out. Young Russian generation is getting snapped in front of these grounded Russian private jets to imitate the wealthy people.

How Much It Costs?

Spend a few hundred dollars to showcase your affluent lifestyle. You do not need to be rich to portray the lifestyle of a millionaire anymore. You will be able to rent out a luxurious private jet like Gulfstream G650. A two-hour session will give you enough time to let your imagination go wild and take some fantastic pictures.

Besides providing the interior space, the private jet renting companies in Russia also provide you with professional makeup artists and photographers. So, you do not need to worry about your looks. They will take care of every detail, giving you those perfect photos to share on your Instagram.

Grounded Russian Private Jets Become Latest Instagram Sensation

A photoshoot for two hours will cost anywhere between $250 and $500. Besides the two hour deals, companies like Private Jet Studio also offer Shooting Day 24 hours and Night packages from 9 PM to 8 AM. The website does not include any details of pricing for the latter two packages. You can negotiate in advance about a price you want to pay for this lengthy photo or video shoot.

Imitating the Lifestyle of the Rich

So, what options do these companies offer to you? When you book one of those grounded Russian private jets, you cannot only go for the photoshoot. For some extra money, you can get a video recorded for up to 2 hours. Although, no one ever takes off on those planes. However, it does not matter for the people renting these aircraft out. Since those real-life images perfectly exhibit the lifestyle, they want to showcase.

The poses you select depend on your imagination. You can be seen relaxing beside the window, sipping a drink, or having a plate of delicious (read expensive) food in front you. Add to it, a beautiful model waiting for you besides the jet’s steps to take you to your nonexistent destination.

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