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Pakistanis Are Angry Over Gul Bukhari’s Comment on German Ambassador

Germany’s ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler is heart-throb of Pakistanis. The way he embraces Pakistani culture and gels with locals is just amazing. The diplomat’s Twitter account seems a representation of beautiful Pakistan, its people, and their lifestyle. But, it seems that activist Gul Bukhari famous for her bold stance in politics is not happy with Kobler’s liking for Pakistan. She asked the German ambassador to behave as a tourist and just called the wrath of Pakistanis

Gul Bukhari’s Objection On Martin Kobler

In one of his recent tweets, German ambassador shared the picture of his foxy that he got painted with Pakistan’s unique truck art. While many of the Pakistanis applauded the ambassador’s taste and his interest in indigenous culture, Gul Bukhari came up with an unpleasant comment.

Here is how people criticised Bukhari

They think she doesn’t like westerners praising Pakistan, its people, and the culture.

Those Applauding Kobler for His Ability to Think Out of the Box

Ambassadors Connect the Cultures of Two Countries

German Ambassador’s Love for Pakistan

Martin Kobler seems to have a great affinity for Pakistan. The diplomat also gave his tips to bring the country out of water crisis and prompted people to save water. He has also visited the Northern areas of Pakistan and shared the pictures from his tour. The man is really doing a great job at spreading a positive image of Pakistan. In fact, he is doing his job by not limiting himself in the offices rather than mixing up with people and establishing a connection with them.

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