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Hackers Demand £1 Million from David Beckham

David Beckham was asked by hackers to pay £1 million or face the humiliation of getting embarrassing emails leaked.

The hackers were believed to be using Russian Servers. These Russian Servers were allegedly accessing millions of messages and documents from Oliveira’s agency hired by David Beckham’s to take care of his PR and publicity.

Actual Amount Demanded by Russian Hackers

Actual Amount Demanded by Russian Hackers

The amount demanded from David Beckham was in Euros and its value was close to £1million. If, as per the hackers, David Beckham failed to pay the amount, they would expose those embarrassing emails to public.

Apparently, David Beckham did not comply with the demands of the Russian hackers and they made those emails public.

Embarrassing David Beckham Email Made Public

The Russian Hackers made several of the emails public.

In one email Mr. David Beckham called the Honour’s Committee as unappreciative after he missed on a Knighthood in 2013. He also dismissed of himself receiving any lesser awards saying “unless it was a knighthood” they should not even think of giving him a lesser award.

He also made a reference to Americans in another email saying had he been an American he would have received some big award like that 10 years ago.

“It’s a disgrace to be honest and if I was American I would have got something like this 10 years ago.”

David Beckham’s Response to Email

In a response to the leaked emails, David Beckham said that some of the emails shared by the hackers with public had been doctored and some of the others were taken out of context.

The police in Portugal has been investigating the matter for the last one year where the publicity firm of David Beckham had its servers placed.

The hackers used an email to reach the team of David Beckham. The team of Mr. David Beckham is said to have immediately contacted police and did not cooperate with the blackmailers as they were expecting.

The Celebrity Leaks Thing Not New

Technology has embarrassed many celebrities during the last decade. The most recent example is Amir Khan, another UK sports celebrity who became talk of the town because of his explicit video leaked. The improvement in technology for creating content has also made it difficult to keep personal things under the tab for big celebrities with so much of the media exposure.

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