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Hadiqa Kiani Denies Fake News of Involvement in Drugs

In a rather bizarre development, one of the most famous female singers of Pakistan was allegedly involved in a drug scandal. However, it later found out to be totally false.

Hadiqa Kiani denies fake news of her involvement in drugs she also refused the drug bust at airport. The UK based website spread the fake news about Hadiqa Kiani drug bust and later Daily Times published it without verification. The story claimed that Hadiqa Kiani was arrested at the Heathrow Airport while trying to smuggle 2 kilograms of cocaine. Hadiqa Kiani denies fake news of drug bust and her denial of false news clearly showed that Hadiya Kiani was not involved in any drug scandal.

Hadiqa Kiani Shared Her Recent Picture with Family

To dispel the Daily Times false story, Hadiqa Kiani posted her photo with her son and mother. She said she was in Lahore Pakistan to attend her nephew’s birthday.

Hadiqa Kiani Denies Fake News by tweeting her photo with family

The news caught on with media outlets like wildfire and soon every media outlet started publishing it without feeling the need to get things straight.

Tweets of Hadiqa Kiani Denies Fake News

The famous singer Hadqa KianiHadiqa Kiani took to Twitter to denounce the news wrongly associated with her. Hadiqa Kiani was shocked to hear the fake news spread by a London’s online newspaper. She openly denied the false news and clarified that she had nothing to do with drugs.

One private channel did the right thing by going to Hadiqa Kiani’s home and asking her directly if she was involved in that scandal and here is how she replied to it.

“When I fist heard the news, I laughed it off. But after a while, I started receiving serious phone calls from senior journalists, and I was shocked!”

She also said that she was in Pakistan and attending her nephew’s birthday. She said she was just relaxing and enjoying time with her family when this news came to her. Hadiqa Kiani was disgusted by the fact that the news outlet who published her story, did not even get in touch with her to verify the facts.

Fake news has perturbed many celebrities in the past. One Indian newspaper claimed that Mahira Khan traveled to India despite the travel ban to promote the movie Raees.

Responsibility of the Media Outlets

Any news organization right to its journalistic ethos must do its homework well enough before publishing any news. This kind of fake news severely damages a celebrity’s personal life as well as reputation.

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