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How Haitian Mud Cakes Are A Source of Food for Poverty Struck Nation

We are living in the twenty-first century, where economists of developed countries are worried about the problem of consumer surplus but people of a poverty struck country are literally eating clay and dirt to survive. Haitian Mud cakes which are making news for some years are one example of food as clay its main ingredient. People are consuming them not out of craving but compulsion.

While you are thinking of where to dine out on the upcoming weekend what to eat that doesn’t make you look fat, people in the world are eating dirt to get so-called nutrition and continue their battle for survival.

What Are Haitian Mud Cakes

Well, Haitian Mud Cakes are not all about dirt and clay. They also have ingredients like salt and margarine. The sellers make them by mixing “said to be mineral rich” clay with other ingredients, blending them together by adding water so that it appears to form a thick paste. Finally, they put the resulting product in platters and bake it under the Caribbean sun untill it dries and becomes crispy.

Nutritional Value of Mud Cakes

One should note that Haitian mud cakes are literally dirt. They do contain a little portion of salt and margarine but that is mere deception to qualify the final product as food. It is also a fact that people consume those mud cakes to fulfill their calcium deficiency because the soil is rich in minerals. So, they get the satisfaction that eating mineral-rich soil will actually replenish nutrients in their body. But, in reality, eating this clay food only helps them get away with hunger. It just prevents them from starving to death.

Citizens of Haiti are compelled to choose such options, after all, human beings can’t live without food and water so long.

Human craving for clay is not a new thing. Pregnant women while suffering morning sickness often feel an urge to eat backed clay, which is even available in some countries. But, these clay can never be used as an alternate of nutritious food.

Food Crisis in Haiti

Haiti is one of the most populous countries situated on the Islands of the Caribbean. According to reports, almost 3 million out of more than 10 million people of this Island nation are undernourished and facing food scarcity.

Haiti which is facing political instability is still struggling from the worst Earthquake that struck the country in 2010. Food items like vegetables and fruits are no less than a luxury for this Island nation which is suffering from poverty and other socio-political challenges along with natural disasters.

In such crucial circumstances, people have reverted to eating the old dish that they call as bon bon Terre and world knows them as Haitian mud cakes or mud cookies.
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