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Hajj 2018: 2 Million Muslims Gather At Arafat to Perfrom Hajj Ritual

Almost 2 million Muslims from across the globe have arrived in Mecca to perform Hajj 2018. They started gathering on the mount of Arafat on Monday, August 20 to perform a necessary ritual of Hajj.

Youm-e-Arafat of Hajj 2018

Youm-e- Arafat or day of Arafah is one of the necessary rituals from 5-days long Hajj pilgrimage and it falls on 9 Zilhaj every year. On this eve, Muslims who arrive in Mecca gather at the plain of Arafat and listen to the Hajj sermon. The ritual is a tribute to Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s last sermon in the plain of Arafat which is also famous as Khutba Hajjatul Wida.

On the eve of Youm-e-Arfah Muslims who gather for Hajj repent for their sins. They make prayers before Allah and ask him for forgiveness. Many Muslims around the globe who are even not present in the plain of Arafah or in Mecca to perform Hajj also observe fast, offer special prayers and repent their sins before God.

On the day of Arafah, after listening to the sermon pilgrims offer combined Zohr and Asar prayers. Later, they stay at Muzdalfa and offer combined Maghrib and Isha prayer. Next day, on 10 Zilhaj they slaughter animals in Mina and celebrate Eid-ul-Adha.

Muslims Celebrating Hajj 2018

While pilgrims who manage to reach Mecca only offer the ritual of Hajj, Muslims from all over the world who can’t make it to the place also celebrate the day with same fervour. They offer prayers and even observe fast on this eve and make special Duas before to Allah to seek forgiveness and his blessings.

Even on the eve of Hajj 2018 Muslims are sharing pictures from plain of Arafat on social media along with best wishes who are lucky enough to present in the venue and perform the ritual.  They are celebrating 9 Zilhaj which also marks first holiday for Eid-ul-Adha with a greater zeal.

Muslims are talking about importance of Youme-e-Arafah by refering to Hadith.

Here is another reference from Hadith on importance of fasting on this day, shared by a Twitter user.

Youm-e-Arafah is significant as it reminds Muslims of the historic sermon of Hajatul Wida in which Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) shared several golden principles of living the life. It was on the same day when Prophet of Islam asked people to not discriminate fellow human beings on the basis of race, cast or colour. Now, on the eve of Hajj 2018, many Muslims are again sharing the qoutes from Prophet Muhammad’s sermon.

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