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Top 5 DIY Ideas for Halloween Costumes that Will Make You Look Unique

Halloween is just around the corner, making people worried about their 31st October looks. The event is not something related to trick or treat only, it is more about how you look, which avatar your carry with confidence and how successful you are in bringing out your inner creativity. Halloween costumes are just a way to show how good you can be with the attire of your favorite character, or how beautifully you can choose to present yourself in any way.

DIY Ideas for Halloween Costumes

It is a wrong perception that standing apart in Halloween parties requires spending hundreds of dollars and paying several visits to the costume stores. The task is so easy and can be done by spending a few bucks.

All you need is to be clear about your inspiration from movies, superhero characters, and celebrities. Here keep in mind one thing; Halloween costumes inspiration from superhero characters doesn’t mean that you always need to buy an expensive one.

You only need to figure out ways through which you can make Halloween costume that makes you look presentable on the eve.

  1. Wear Gothic Make Up

The simplest and the easiest of Halloween costumes is to wear a black or white gown and wear gothic makeup. Here, you need to be choosy with lipstick color and eyeliners and to which length you let your brush strokes go.

A useful aspect of Gothic makeup is that it lets people forget about your attire. It doesn’t matter whether you have some spiderman costume, Superman costume or wonder woman costume, your gothic look will be enough to save you an inspiration.

Here is an idea, if you want to celebrate it with your partner then why not try looking like Bella and Edward of Twilight? Just think about it.

2. That Joker from Bat Man

This DIY idea for Halloween costumes doesn’t mean that you buy a mask of the Joker from Batman. Or, you try a makeup that helps you look exactly like Heath Ledger’s anti-hero character.

Just ask yourself how you would have looked if you did such a character. Yes, here the idea is to use your creativity and get a personalized joker look on Halloween 2018.

3. Jack of Lantern Clip Art

The popular Jack o Lantern Clip Art and Halloween are much synonymous with each, despite possessing an entirely different history. Here the DIY factor is that you don’t even need to buy a Jack o Lantern dress or something like this; all you need is to prepare a mask or a crown and you are good to go to Your Halloween 2018 party.

4. Copy A Celebrity

Superhero costumes on Halloween are a norm. People love to dress up like famous action films heroes, but not so many choose to look like celebs likes, sportspersons, and actresses. For example, if you are a Beyonce fan then why not trying looking like her and if you inspire from Neymar then why not consider getting a haircut like him.

5. Prepare Yourself a Costume

This Halloween DIY is so simple and for those who can’t resist the urge to don a Ninja Turtle costume or Bat Man attire. Here, all you need to do is to imitate a look rather than buying a complete outfit. For Batman do it with your black piece of cloth and make a cardboard or paper mask that would suffice. Use the same tricks with the Ninja Turtle costume.

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