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What Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Book about God Will be All About?

Famous Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has announced to take a break from social media to complete his first book as an author. He described that the book will obviously be about God, implying that he was devoted to the Supreme Entity. He said that he will finish the book by June 2021.

The actor quit showbiz in November 2019 and went on to pursue a spiritual path in the religion of Islam. He said that acting is not banned in Islam but he left acting because he just wanted to talk about God from now on. He is going through the learning phase and also shares his two cents about religion on his YouTube channel.

Hamza also appears in a lightweight talk show with Hassan Ilyas who is a research assistant at Ghamidi Center For Islamic Learning. The show is named Conversing Islam and it debates various Islamic topics between an Islamic researcher and an ex-film star who was formerly an atheist.

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Book on God Despite His Athiest Background

Hamza identified as an atheist for the most part of his life until recently his interest geared towards Islam. The majority feels that Hamza should initially focus on learning the religion properly before speaking to the public altogether. It is because whatever he says about, turns out funny for the masses rather than inspiring.

Former actor usually faces criticism from the public for unnecessarily relating all his decisions with God while he is still learning Islam. Previously when he got married he said that it was also for God, due to which Pakistanis had a good laugh. Now this book about God has invited some criticism again but his fans and followers have supported this new endeavor.

Is Spiritual Topic Too Vast for Hamza Ali Abbasi?

Most of the public thought that it was a little early for Hamza for debate on such a heavy and polarizing topic.

Suggestions About Chapters

Some of the fans suggested Hamza to add a chapter on how to unite Muslim community which is damaged by sectarianism and religious quackery. The gap in unity has been increasing while the books on religion, God, and Islam are increasing. Which is why there is a need for a serious debate on how Muslims can follow one Islam instead of making their own

Those Who Do Not Buy This Act

It doesn’t seem easy for everyone to digest that an actor like Hamza Ali Abbasi who has worked in film industry could present an authentic view on God or any religious matter; as a matter of perception.

Till now, it is not clear what is the nature of Hamza’s book. But everyone is entitled to his/her opinion on any subject matter, irrespective of their experience

Few were quite critical about Hamza as a person rather than his choice in career. According to them, he is using public sentiments about Islam to remain in the limelight and his fans are encouraging him.


Hamza Abbasi has still pinned the trailer of Maula Jatt on the top of his Twitter profile. The rest of the Islamic stuff is below that. This is the reason why public is worried about boosting his ego instead of making sure that he knows what he’s doing.

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