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“From BFF To Happily Ever After, Deepika Weds Ranveer”

I don’t think so that the news of “Deepika weds Ranveer” will fail to amuse any single person in this world. This couple is the most talked couple right now over every social media platform. The way they have kept the integrity of their relationship makes them the most special couple of B-town. Now this power couple is getting married in mid of November!

Deepika weds Ranveer, The Epic Facts About Couple

Well, there are many hidden facts which surround the bonding of this couple and make it famous and the most loved celebrity couple right now! Let’s shed some light over those (supposed) reasons,

Ranveer Is Expressive But Deepika Never Accepted

Ranveer always expresses his love for his fiance, on the other hand, Deepika is very silent on this matter. Whenever someone asked her about the relationship she found staying unobvious a more obvious opinion. But Ranveer repeated said that she is the one he wants to spend his life with

They are more BFF Than Boyfriend Girlfriend

The couple is in the relationship for a long time but they have always acted like they are best friends forever. I think this the key to the perfect relationship!

Ranveer Helped Deepika To Fight Her Depression

Deepika never accepted their relationship but Ranveer was the sigh of relief for her when she was suffering the worst time in her life, after getting separated from Ranbir.

Ranveer And Deepika Appeared In Three blockbuster Movies Of Sanjay Leela Bhansali

The couple appeared in the first movie together which was produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. After that, the duo hit the screen in three more movies by the same director each year. Recently in Padmavat Deepika proved herself to be the best Indian actress on this era through her remarkable performance. The couple is getting married on the date Ram Leela was released.



Public And Celebrities Are Equally Happy For These Both…

Everyone seems happy with this event of their marriage finally going on.

We wish this couple best of luck in their upcoming marital life. And feels sorry for Ranbir Kapoor as he was not able to recognize how gem of a person Deepika really is!

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