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Who Allowed TikTok Star Hareem Shah to Make Video in Foreign Office

Pakistani Tik Tok star Hareem shah is knee-deep in trouble after she entered the Pakistani foreign office and shot a video that she later released. The prime minister and intelligence agencies have expressed great anger over the incident.

How Did Hareem Shah Enter The Foreign Office?

For an ordinary citizen like Hareem shah to enter such a secured area and make a video is unacceptable, not to mention a security threat. According to the media, someone close to the prime minister escorted her into the Foreign office and allowed her to make the video.

The name of the person involved has not been disclosed to the media yet. The intelligence agencies also took the notice of the incident reportedly. The Prime Minister ordered that immediate action be taken to prevent such incidents from occurring again. After this, Mr. Khan summoned his close friend and express great dismay over this entire episode.

The foreign office is considered to be one of the most secure and sensitive areas that are off-limits to the general public. In case you’re wondering why it is so then it is because it is the foreign office is the place where meetings with diplomatic delegation are conducted.

The conversations that occur in these meetings are of a sensitive nature and may diminish the persona of a country. So to prevent this from occurring any and all communication or recording devices are not allowed on to the premises of the building. Similarly, for the protection of all the delegate, only authorised personnel are allowed in or out of place.

The Public’s Reaction

The tikc tok star has, in the past, also been a part of similar scandals but managed to slip away without facing any repercussions. For years people have been wondering when she will face the repercussions of her actions. I guess their question has been answered

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