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Are Harry and Meghan influential Enough to End British Monarchy and Patriarchy?

TIME magazine has named Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as two of the 100 most influential people in the world. The couple has also appeared together for the first time on the cover page of any magazine. The picture taken by photographer Pari Dukovic has become a matter of debate as expected particularly the way it has portrayed the couple together.

There are mixed reactions from the viewers including questions about whether the couple deserves to be on such a list. The Duke and Duchess have been in the limelight for revealing shocking details about The Royal Family. Their media appearances have seemingly “influenced” many viewers to take an interest in their lives.

How The Cover Reflects Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Personal Life?

The photo seems symbolic considering how Harry and Meghan conduct their daily lives. It puts Meghan in the front and center while Harry is seen leaning on her shoulder from the back. It means that a man is sitting and letting his wife take the spotlight. This has been bothering the critics because according to patriarchal notions, a man should be at the front. The image is opposite which means it strategically disregards what patriarchy has established.

The color contrast further makes the difference visible as Meghan becomes prominent dressed in bright white while Harry fades in the background wearing a black suit. It can be the case in real life too where Meghan acts as the leader and Harry as her support. This can also be the reason why Harry supported Meghan’s decision to move to the US.

Capturing the Attention

Just like the photo, it is Meghan who has been receiving all the attention from media ever since the couple’s rebellion against the Royal Family. Harry has been supporting her throughout unlike most people who would prefer to support their family’s decisions. Perhaps this is why in the picture a royal person is letting a commoner take the spotlight. Moreover, Harry is slightly taller than Meghan so by sitting down he has become more equal to his wife; this could be symbolic as a way to show how commoner and royal are equal.

People are used to watching past pictures of the Royal Family where men stood up and women were sitting. So, this new cover of Harry and Meghan provided a fresh perspective of things to the audience.

The Royal Gossip

Harry and Meghan shocked the world on 8th March after revealing how the Royal Family had concerns regarding the color of their unborn child’s skin. The interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey reached millions of viewers who criticized the monarchy for such concerns. Later it was revealed that the Queen and her late husband were not part of such conversation. However, it did not stop the viewers from trolling the Royals for having racial tendencies.

Harry has publicly admitted that his family never supported Meghan which led him to leave and support Meghan with whatever she wanted to do. Probably that’s what’s going on TIME’s magazine cover that Meghan is all set to shine with rolled-up sleeves while Harry supports her from the shadows.

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