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Finally, Harry and Meghan Reveal the Name of Baby Sussex

After celebrating the birth of Baby Sussex privately Meghan and Harry held a short photo session to introduce their child. Both Meghan and the baby appeared to be healthy. The couple after finishing their photo shoot and brief introduction walked away to meet the queen who was eager to meet her eight grandchild.


Harry and Meghan Announce Baby Sussex Name

According to a media report, the duke and duchess of Sussex have named their baby Sussex Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. The young prince is 7th in line to the throne and is the 8th grandchild of Queen Elizabeth the second. As per strict royal British laws dating back 100 years, the Archi will not be called highness. He will have citizenship of both  UK and America.

While introducing their child at a  photo-shoot, a reporter asked Meghan how did it feel to become a mother to which the duchess excitedly replied it feels great I couldn’t ask for more, I have two of the best men in the world at my side. Shortly after answering the couple went to meet the queen.

Archie Will Be Addressed As Master

Despite being the first born child, Archie should have become the Earl of Dumbarton one of Harry’s subsidiary title or inherit the title lord Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, but instead he will be referred to a master Archie Mountbatten –Windsor

People Reaction After Watching Master Archie For The First Time

Brits were thrilled to find out about the birth of their newborn prince, and they were dying to get a glimpse of him

For many being the first people to click a photo of the newborn prince was nothing short of an honor for them

People are confused at how the sir name Mountbatten got added to Archie’s name as this sir name is normally reserved for males’ member of the queen’s families descendants who don’t have any royal status.

While other regardless of what the situation is can’t live without making fun of things

During the photo shoot, the way Meghan kept on looking at her child reminded everyone of the undying love a mother has.

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