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Harry Potter Is Set To Break Another Record As Cinemas Reopen In China

The first film in the popular fiction series Harry Potter is about to cross 1 Billion mark in total box office collections. It made its return on the big screen after China reopened Cinemas in July. It will become the second film in the franchise to reach this milestone; first being the Deathly Hollows Part 2.

The film grossed over 13 million USD during the weekend which brought its total to nearly 978 million USD. It was originally released in China in 2002 and on 14th August it returned with style supporting 4K and 3D for the first time.

Harry Potter Is Immune To Coronavirus

It has been several weeks since cinemas in China have been reopened. They remained closed since January under the lockdown restrictions due to COVID 19 pandemic.

Many went out of business during the lockdown period and those returning later on had to face some strict regulations due to to coronavirus. Only 30% of the audience can occupy the seats in cinemas and total screenings of a movie are reduced by 50% as well.

Cinemas relied on safe bets like Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone for screening after reopening their doors. The franchise is so popular that students from Pakistan created a fanmade remake in their University.

Cinema Industry in Peril

Cinema industry is also going through a slow recovery like many others. According to the reports, ever since the coronavirus began, cinemas suffered 92.8% decline in their revenue as compared to previous years. Which is why most Asian cinemas are already bankrupt.

All remaining theaters have strictly implemented health and safety measures like physical distancing and limited number of audience and screenings. Still the fear of entering in an enclosed space with other people might bother some audience.

Best Weekend Performance On Box Office

Despite the sad consequences of coronavirus, Harry Potter managed to collect way more than other screenings which also included new releases. It made stunning 4.5 million USD to the first day and 4.8 million USD on the second day, which was also the largest single day grossing since the reopening of cinemas in China.

Christopher Nolan’s Intersteller was only able to score 4.4 million USD over the weekend. Sony’s newest release Bad Boys For Life collected 3.2 million USD. J.K Rowling’s masterpiece was the clear winner which has already gained numerous accolades…except the Oscars.

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