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Death of Haseena Moin and Kanwal Naseer Shocks Pakistan

Pakistan has lost two assets, Haseena Moin, a Dramatist and Playwright, and Kanwal Naseer, Pakistan’s first TV host in 1964. Several public figures and celebrities have acknowledged the loss and offered their condolences on the internet. Also, their fans have been expressing grief and posting how saddening the news of the legends’ death is on social media. 

Public Figures Grieving over Death of Haseena Moin?

79 years old Hassena Moin, on Friday, March 26, 2021, passed away as confirmed by her family. Reportedly, the popular playwright was suffering from cancer. However, her close ones did not disclose the actual cause of her death. 

Some public figures who claim to be Moin’s fans have been discussing on social media regarding the late artist. Several have been admiring her work as she gave many amazing stories to the world in the form of dramas including Aahat, Ankahi, Parosi, Dhoop Kinaray, Tanhaiyaan, Kasak, and many other fine pieces of work. 

Many of Moin’s admirers appreciated the fact that she was a true example of women’s empowerment in the country. It is because of her marvelous work that the Pakistani Drama industry is competing side by side with India.

Lastly, every person who loved the writer for her work in the industry has been praying for her higher ranks in the afterlife.  

Kanwal Naseer’s Death Reminded Public of PTV 

In 1964, two popular faces including Kanwal Naseer and Tariq Aziz ruled Pakistan Television transmission. The country’s people recognize her from the way she presented herself on TV as well as how she ran the show with Aziz on PTV (Pakistan Television). The life journey of the first-ever Pakistani female newscaster, announcer, and anchor ended at the age of 70 on Thursday, March 25, 2021.  

For many, Naseer’s death reminded her fans about the time when they used to sit before fat screens and watch the hosts while they entertain them. 

The actors, politicians, and many other famous personalities are paying their respects to the late Kanwal family since they have endured huge suffering. 

In 2020, the world suffered the loss of some of the most popular celebrities. Haseena Moin and Kanwal Naseer can also be counted among those jewels who left the world speechless after their departure to eternity. 

The Stars Won Immortality Through their Work

Sadly, Haseena Moin and Kanwal Naseer have parted ways with their fans in order to meet the Almighty. Although, their fans beg to differ since their work has the power to keep them alive forever. 

The famous writer who recently managed to get a coronavirus vaccine dose is going to leave a mark on many. The reason is that she beat breast cancer and also, her web-series on breast cancer is about to hit screens in April. The final date of the show isn’t out yet but her project is confirmed.  

Thus, the mortals became immortals as the dedication towards their work will keep them alive in the eyes of their fans.

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