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Hasnain Lehri’s Break Up Story Is Just A Whole New Drama

Pakistani fashion model Hasnain Lehri broke up with model girlfriend Sabeeka Imam four months ago after one-year of dating but he is sharing his feelings now.

It all began when Sabeeka Imam shared a post about being in love with the wrong person on her Twitter account which brought fire for his ex-boyfriend Hasnain Lehri.

In reply to recent tweets by Imam, Lehri mysteriously pointed towards the disloyalty of his beloved and the loneliness he suffered after that.

Hassnain didn’t choose simple words. Instead, he used rhymes, slurs, and popular dialogues to point out how he was wronged; This was something that made this feud between the two more interesting for people who are already looking for entertaining stuff due to coronavirus lockdown.

Social media fights that are about celebrities always become viral but when they are between celebrity couples it becomes just another entertaining drama that too without a ticket fee or interruption of advertisements. Just recently a Mahira Khan’s vague video had become a subject of debate for its obscure content.

The real scene began when Sabeeka back-fired Lehri’s tweet and replied by saying that some people always act like they are victims and also love to engage in dramas. She also urged to Stop this since one day everyone was ultimately going to find it out.

About Hasnain Lehri and Sabeeka Imam Breakup

 The couple had announced their fall-a-part relationship news on social media. Sabeeka Imam had shared a post about the breakup on her instagram account with bold caption THE END. She had stated that their journey had officially came to an end.

Lehri posted a Shahrukh Khan’s dialogue about one-sided love from movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and again tweeted that love was not beautiful it was torture and stated that Shahrukh Khan lied about it.

Ghum Hour Member Hassnain Lehri

It was inevitable for folks on social media to not comment on Hassnain Lehri’s situation. They considered Lehri’s heartbroken tweets worthy of making him eligible for a permanent member of ghum hour; as it is evident from this tweet.

Well. Lehri a famous model who is much popular among his female fans was not alone in this crisis. It was as if everyone was feeling his pain. Hasnain has also won the Lux Style Award 2018 in the best model category.

Fans on Social Media Grieving Over Lehri Becoming Heartbroken

People commenting on what celebrities post on social media is not something new. Also, there doesn’t seem something really unique about Hasnain Lehri’s case. What was so surprising was the fact that a model who was this handsome and had huge fan following also couldn’t do much in the matters of the heart and appeared helpless.

It appears that seeing Lehri sad was not so comfortable experience for his female fans.

Just more questions were pouring in.

Well, this level of concern for him on behalf of the fans does make sense.

People felt helpless about Lehri’s condition

No matter how good-looking a person is and what high standard they have. When it comes to heartbreak their feelings are no indifferent

So, more people seemed worried about this guy who has got everything to stand with the likes of Fawad Khan and Imran Abbas.

Some Hasnain Lehri Memes

Well not everyone seemed so serious about what Hasnain Lehri went through in fact there are many who are just memefying the situation by altering his name.

Like these Twitter users…

And there doesn’t seem any end to those puns. They are just going on making this model trend on social media. So by now those who didn’t know this model first are also familiar with his name.

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