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Why HBO Max Announced Its Partnership With Roku Streaming Platform

Both HBO Max and Roku are popular streaming platforms. Although recently, warner media approached Roku to shake hands with HBO. Both platforms merged to entertain the viewers with exclusive movies. However, providing entertainment to the subscribers wasn’t the only motive behind the newly formed association. In other words, Warner’s media has thought of something else besides the entertainment part. 

Roku To Be Beneficial For HBO Max And Vice Versa

Warner Bros is not just about producing good films for the audience but also remarkably great at evolving and enhancing business. Thus, the new alliance is a better way to improve its revenue sources. One reason could be the 100 million users of Roku streaming devices that may have grasped the attention of Warnermedia. Consequently, HBO Max announced its partnership with it to ensure a good success rate in the streaming world. 

Several streaming platforms are known for streaming movies and TV shows. However, WB decided to merge HBO Max with Roku. This way, the estimated 12.6 million users of HBO would become the viewers of Roku and vice versa.  

Good News For Roku Subscribers 

It is time to put one and one together to recognize the bigger picture. In the light of the recent alliance between HBO and the Roku-streaming platform, the subscribers of both platforms have a good thing coming in their way. The time couldn’t be more perfect since Wonder woman 1984 is about to hit HBO Max on Christmas. Roku viewers and Wonder woman fans are going to like the fact that they will be able to this exclusive movie because of the partnership.  

Tony Goncalves, Chief Revenue Officer Presented His Views About the Partnership 

The entertainment industry has faced massive loss due to the pandemic, especially Warner Bros. Now, that HBO Max and Roku has taken steps towards forming a strong association with Roku, the Chief Revenue Officer of Warner Media also presented his viewpoints. 

As per him, Warner Media would meet success through engaging the subscribers of Roku. A strong and long-term partnership would be a good start to move towards innovation and success.

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