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The Recently Released Helstorm Trailer Looks Creepy As Hell

Hulu recently launched the trailer of its new series Helstorm which is giving the creeps to the viewers due to its storyline and characterization. The trailer is looking extraordinarily convincing in terms of suspense, horror, thrill, and heroism. The promo is describing the series of events while unfolding the main characters’ identities. 

What Helstrom is all about?

The season’s plot revolves around the two main characters and their mother who is the villain of all the villains. She is the most ruthless serial killer. Both the siblings have special skills that they use to track down the worst of humanity.  The specialty of the series, which draws its fans’ attention towards it, is its association with marvel characters Satana and Daimon Helstrom. As per the trailer, the Helstorm’s foundation is on the marvel characters that is quite a clever idea to attract marvel fans towards the series. Since, the series is exclusive; it will not be released on any other platform.  

Cast and Crew

The trailer only discloses three main characters: these are the ones holding the movie together like a glue. In other words, these characters are the reasons of all the fuss behind the show’s hype on Hulu.

Anders Engstrom is the mind behind the direction of the series. He is known for his creative mind as he makes thriller and unthinkable movies. This particular series could be his another masterpiece. 

Tom Austen Tom is an English drama actor who is staring as Daimon one of the main characters. Sydney Lemmon (Ana) is one of the good and reputed american actresses, now staring as Tom’s (Daimon) sister in the series. Last but not the least, Elizabeth Marvel who is playing the role of Daimon and Ana’s mother as Victoria Helstrom. 

The viewers will need to wait for the series in order know more about the characters and their parts. 

Release date: 

As per Hulu, the official release date of the Helstorm is October 16. This means, viewers will get to know all the show. Hulu subscribers need to be active on 16th in order to watch their presumably favorite show. 

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