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Henry Cavill And Warner Bros Slammed Rumors In A Very Exciting Way

Last days a rumor was heard about Warner Bros famous Superhero character Superman, that the actor who is playing this lead role is no more onboard with the creators and the team in the upcoming sequel of the movie. Reports claimed that the actor who has played this lead role for previous five movies of Warner Bron, Henry Cavil is no more the part of the new film. Rumors also said that Michael B. Jordan would replace Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League. Tweeps never fall behind in trolling the situation so after this news got into the limelight many people started tweeting regarding it.

It is not the first time that Warner Bros is facing controversies. The production house earlier faced the same situation in the form of the Nun trolls on social media.

Henry Cavill Responded In Exciting Way

Well, have you ever heard the famous saying that silence speaks a lot louder than your words and sentences? Here is a Practical demonstration which will help you understand it much efficiently.

Where everyone was chattering about the rumor and guessing the reasons why this happened, no one knew that Henry Cavill would respond in such a silent way. He took the platform of Instagram to show his stance over this rumor. As we know that for fans, his attitude matters the most though Henry gave a quite confusing perspective. Where he didn’t utter a single word and told the story which will vary from person to person!

He stayed quiet during the video, but the sound in the background was the theme music of Superman. Henry Cavill’s T-Shirt said “Team Krypton Lifting” as he raised the Superman doll and then gave his old Superman look. Does this mean that he slammed the rumors and told the world that he is still the favorite son of Krypton? Or he is no more in the team? The caption of his video is”Today was exciting #Superman”.



Hmmm… Well, Henry, this was not satisfying at all, in fact, it was terrifying for the people.

Warner Bros Reaction Over The Rumour

Everyone can see that Henry Cavill’s reaction was not at all satisfying, so Warner Bros took the matter into their hands and finally they responded to the fake news.


While no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we’ve always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged,”

So it is now confirmed that there was no such replacement made by the team in the movie.

A Clear Response

Now people are sure that Warner Bros won’t terminate our very own Superman a.k.a Henry Cavill, but still, the media started conspiring that may be Henry has resigned and left Superman behind. To slam, such false rumors Henry’s manager replied undeniably over twitter

Now, this tweet made the fans happy and stressfree that their favorite Superman is still going to fight the battle against evil and save the earth.

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