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Here Are Some Really Crazy Facts About Food

Different arguments, claims, and facts  about food consumption have divided the civilization into different groups. Sadly, this division is based on the very choices people make to have their meal. The most interesting part is that some of these ridiculous claims, iand interesting facts have some scientific backing as well.

Some Crazy Facts About Food

Let’s have a look at what different perspectives countries in the world have about food.

Fake Chicken Eggs Are Sold in China

It is not a surprise anymore, if creepy facts about China keep coming to the surface. How reassuring it is to know that the  Second largest market on earth is fatally contaminated. Fake chicken eggs started to appear in Chinese markets around mid-90s. These fake eggs are made by mixing some form of coagulant (used to turn liquid blood into a gel), resin, and starch with a color dye, and then enclosed with a bogus shell.

One Person can easily make 1500 of these eggs per day. This tells a lot about their demand and consumption.

These eggs make one of the most widely used fake food in everyday life.

Being a Vegan Was Once a Crime in Russia

After Russian Revolution in 1917, the vegetarianism was severely banned all over the country. The vegetarian nutritionist, protestants and leaders of vegetarian societies were arrested and punished. Even the word ‘vegetarian’ was removed from Russian dictionaries. That’s when many people realized that Russia needed another revolution. Only in the 90s, it was possible for Russia to bring vegetarianism into the spotlight and allow it gain popularity gradually. And today Russia has one of the best veg cuisines in the world.

Rotten Fruit Nectar Can Make Butterflies Drunk

Butterflies are the most fascinating phenomena of nature who go through 4 different life stages to complete their evolution. After evolving into a fragile insect from a protective shell, this beautiful creature then travels thousands of miles in search for food. Sometimes these butterflies stumble upon the abandoned set of rotten fruits and meet their unfortunate end. So, what happens when they accidently cling on to rotten fruit?

Butterflies stay still for some time then just keep wobbling around until they drop and become vulnerable to predators. All because of the rotten fruit which was just abandoned.

China Sells Live Crab inside Vending Machines

Many interesting facts about food come from different eating habbits of cultures around the world. Crabs sell like hot cakes in China between the months of August and October. The live hairy crabs are sold at different vending machines on the streets in China. The temperature of the machine is normally between 5 to 10 degrees, enough to keep the creature in a dormant state.

An edible transparent container is wrapped around to make them feel like they are in some kind of cave. It comes with vinegar and ginger tea so in order to cook, the customer simply has to drop the entire container in boiling water. A perfect option for someone who wants to have a quick lunch but that too with apparently a bit dangerous food item.

People Who Eat Vegetarian Food Are More Intelligent

Human beings are omnivores by nature as they are designed to eat animals and plants both. The argument is raised on the choice between these two options. While it is completely unnatural for human beings to be vegan, the studies have shown that it is smart too; and this is really one of the interesting facs bout food A test conducted in 1970 identified that the mean IQ of non-vegetarians was 100 while vegans were at 109. It is a significant difference which means that a lot of intelligent people are more likely to choose vegie than less intelligent ones.

Perhaps this is why they can see the issues related with brutal consumption of animals all over the world. There was no form of balance or structure from the beginning but it is still fun for many to associate bad results with the bad decisions of human kind.

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