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5 Reasons Why Higher Education Programs Are Poor Investment

One harsh reality of the modern times is that we seek higher education for earning money and not for learning the knowledge. Many youngsters think that getting enrolled in the high ranking universities and paying thousands of dollars in fee for popular degree programs is the only way to get jobs. People associate the economic prosperity with a university degree. What they don’t know is that very often these higher education programs prove nothing but a poor investment of time and money.

Higher education doesn’t go wasted for the person who has a clarity of objective and who learns with a purpose. There are many reasons that prove going to university and college nothing more than the waste of resources.

Why Higher Education Programs Are A Poor Investment

Many times, students are just wasting their time, money and potential by attending classes and paying a visit to the university on a daily basis, when they can use their resources for a better purpose.

Let’s have a look at the when students can’t get anything better from their higher education programs; and why they should better leave the university for some good.

  1. When Students Are Pursuing Someone Else’s Dream

It is very common for students to get enrolled in a university program on the demand of their parents. They choose to study M.B.B.S or any discipline of engineering because their elders want them to become doctors or engineers. These students are good for doing something else, like writing books, playing music, painting or any other field. But pressure from the parents make them choose a wrong field of study, and they end up wasting their talent.

2. A Peer Pressure

Let’s admit that going to university has become a fashion. Getting enrolled in a higher education program has become kind of compulsion. Or, we can say that society has made us think that if we don’t have a university degree, there is no way for us to get a lucrative job. In other words, only passing out from higher education institutes is considered a pre-requisite for applying at the various positions rather than possessing the required skills. Many students despite being confident that they can master their skills without going to the campuses are bound to take admission because everyone is doing this.

3. A Compulsion to Go With the Trend

We see that in every decade or two, one particular field of education remains in trend. Like during the first decade of twenty-first-century business and marketing was much popular. So, everyone started going to a business school irrespective of their interest. And, in this decade IT is in huge demand, so everyone is looking to become a software engineer or a computer programmer only to grab a job. Unfortunately, many students who cant do coding end up becoming dropouts and doing something else. Consequently, they waste their valuable time and money in getting an education they didn’t need in first place.

Hence the pressure of getting  education in something which is in trend and which is considered as a way to guarantee a job makes people choose the wrong field.

4. Leaving the Affordable Alternatives

You don’t need to ask yourself how to select a university for higher education even if you seem interested in a program; this is because there are many skills that you can learn through short courses. If you don’t have enough money to finance your higher education programs even those from your field of interest, then look for the short courses. Luckily, many institutes offer diplomas and courses that can help you get the relevant knowledge. In this way, you can save the money for starting your business or financing any such venture.

In case, you are available with an affordable alternative, and you still decide to pay hefty amounts to the universities, then you are indeed making a poor investment in the name of higher education.

5. Financing Your Education through Debt

Debt financing of higher education programs makes a sense if a student is passionate about learning something. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a burden on the pocket for the precious years to come. Several students who graduate from universities by financing their fee through loans spend their entire years in cumbersome jobs only because they have to reservice their debt. Consequently, they lose all their potential that they can utilize to start a personal venture.

Those who still think that higher education programs always guarantee a successful career must take into account the examples of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk. None of these entrepreneurs who are leaving an impact on the world with their innovations have completed a degree at the university. The purpose of siting this example is not to prove the case that higher education is always a waste of time and money. But once a student gets himself enrolled in a university program, he/she should ask himself or herself if it is a right investment or a mere waste of resources.

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