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Here Is Hilarious Advice People Are Offering Trump

Americans are giving Trump some of the funniest and absurd advice. It’s not an uncommon thing for the people of a country to give advice to its leader when they feel like so. Very often particularly when there are many dissidents of a leader such things become way more hilarious as they have a touch of sarcasm.

Such advice was just a way to troll the POTUS similar to what the US citizens did on the eve of his birthday.

Hilarious Advice for Trump from Americans

Imagine getting a once in a lifetime chance to give the best advice you can give to your president. You only had five words to convey your advice what would it be.

The Trump administration has come under great pressure from its general public as a result of its inhumane policies on immigration and other things. The Latino community is the most outraged at him as he silently approves mistreatment against them forcing them to denounce him as their president

Blame the Liberals

When Trump and his goon can’t fix a problem, they often blame the liberals for it instead of fixing the problem. So naturally, some advised him, to keep on blaming the liberals for no reasons.

The US economy and its diplomatic relation with other countries are in shambles since Trump came to power. The best example is Iran with which its tensions are increasing every day since the withdrawal of the deal.  Maybe this is the reason why people want him to step down.

Leave This Country Now

Other are respectfully advising him to go back to his puppet masters as he is not welcomed in the US anymore.

Ever Since Trump became President racism and hatred crimes have significantly risen. Against the advice of many experts and advisors on not to say or act in a matter that may be perceived as racist to prevent further problems POTUS is continuing to spew hatred with his tweets.

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