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These Area 51 Memes Are Hilariously Summing Up the Raid

The Facebook group Storm Area 51 actually showed up at the gates of the mysterious Area 51 in a bid to look at the Aliens supposedly held captives in the facility. The petition to raid this place in the Nevada desert had started in June of this year and almost a million people had responded to it reportedly. But on September 20, the day of the raid, only a few dozens of people showed up at the venue and none of them dared to cross the gate. The event just ended up yielding some Area 51 memes and that was the all.

Folks had a mixed response to the situation. Most of them were simply laughing and few were just surprised because they didn’t expect even a small number of people to raid the place.

The shock was real, just like the raid.

Some Hilarious Area 51 Memes

Just have a look at how the internet has memefied the situation so beautifully.

This was the alien that raiders could have potentially spotted.

They Just Failed to Put Up A Much Anticipated Show

What happened as a result of the raid on Area 51 was the arrest of a boy who peed on the gate and a woman being detained after she pushed her feet inside the barrier, reportedly. These events were not sufficient to entertain the spectators who were eagerly waiting for some exciting news to come.

The disappointment was just at its peak.

The idea of storming Area 51 didn’t go much well with everyone.

This raid fiasco can give people some really good ideas for Halloween costumes.

A call for September 20 to be an official day to celebrate aliens.

What the guards at the place could have been possibly thinking.

This Area 51 meme explains if aliens were actually there waiting for the attackers with a Pizza for them.

What Is the Mystery All About

Area 51 located in Nevada, United States is simply mysterious for being a no-go area. It is basically the US Airforce training facility which was reportedly established during the cold war era. According to claims made by some people, aliens who once visited Earth are held captive here or the place is used for conducting some experiments on what could have been the inhabitants of outer space. So the group of almost 70 people that raided the Area 51 aimed to see what really lied inside or to save the aliens which are said to be held captive there.

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