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Hira Mani Trolled for Getting Dua Zehra Case Wrong

Pakistani TV actor Hira Mani has sent her prayers regarding the ongoing Dua Zehra case. The star took to Instagram and shared her wish for the teenager to stay with her alleged captors. Her statement regarding this controversial case made her a target of online trolling. Outrage against her became so intense that other celebrities had to come to her defense. Fellow actress Ghana Ali said that Mani might not be aware of the whole situation.

Reported Facts About Dua Zehra Case

Dua Zehra case has been like an elaborate puzzle with insufficient pieces. It started with the mysterious disappearance of a girl named Dua Zehra from Karachi in April 2022. The parents filed an FIR claiming that their daughter had been kidnapped while taking out some trash. 10 days later, the police recovered the girl from Okara.

Zehra stated that she was not kidnapped but willingly eloped and married a 21-year-old lover, Zaheer Ahmad. She accused her father of planning her forced marriage in an exchange for land in a luxury housing society.

On the other hand, her parents pursued the case alleging that Zehra was 13-year-old so any marriage was null and void. They maintained that Zehra was under duress and being forced to say what kidnappers told her.

Zehra has always claimed to be happy with her husband and called her parents liars. However, in a recent turn of events, she has approached the court with complaints about her relationship with her husband Zaheer. She requested to be relocated to shelter Darul Aman in Karachi, which the court has granted her.

In this light, Hira Mani’s remarks came out as insensitive and unnecessary.

What is Hira Mani Thinking?

At the time when Pakistan was praying for Zehra’s safety, the actress was concerned about why she was separated from her husband. The court has ordered to move the girl to a child protection center until her hearing on August 1. Where people expected celebrities to use their platform for raising the issue of child marriage, Hira Mani’s comments supported this scourge. Many wondered if she was high while typing that Instagram story.

Look Before You Leap

Most viewers were aware of how some Pakistani celebrities make desperate attempts for attention on social media. Hira Mani is also one of them who remains in limelight for either saying or doing something to spark the ire of the masses. Dua Zehra case is not the first time she has come under fire. Previously, she got trolled for editing a picture to make herself look smart before posting it.

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