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Historic Events of 2018 According to Baba Vanga Prophecies

Baba Vanga, blind woman mystic from Sofia Bulgaria is making waves for her accurate prophecies. The successful prediction of world events like 9/11, Brexit and rise of ISIS has caused her to earn the title of ‘Nostradamus of Balkan.’ Those who believe in Baba Vanga Prophecies might be able to foresee a future in a better perspective

The rise of 2018 with shocking incidents like protests in Iran, heralds for some significant change around the globe. The world is looking towards the impact of Brexit on overall economic outlook. Rising threats of World War III, due to escalating tensions between North Korea and the United States, global warming, refugee crises around the globe and Middle East conflict is likely to make a game changer in the world history.

Apart from all these past, events let’s see what Baba Vanga Prophecies have to predict for 2018.

China to become the Next Super Power

Prediction about China taking over the US to become the next superpower is not new. According to Baba Vanga Prophecies, 2018 is the year China would emerge as the most powerful economy in the world.

China is already a significant contributor to the world economy. According to reports, from 2011-to-2016 the country made 31% contribution to the global economy. Its economic supremacy over the United States of America, need a comparison for its validation.

According to reports, it would take a couple for more years for China to surpass the US in term of contribution to the world’s economy. So, we are not sure, if 2018 would see a power shift or not. China also suggests to diplomatically resolve the Korean Peninsula conflict.

Baba Vanga Prophecies

Human Beings to Discover Energy Source on Mars

The human mission for Mars is not something new. Rising level of global warming and inadequacy of resources on Earth is making human beings to build colonies on Mars. But, a discovery of an original energy source on Venus, is something new.

According to probe, NASA is likely to launch Parker Solar Probe on July 2018 to explore the magnetic field of the Sun, dusty plasma around the star, its impact on solar wind and other such phenomena. The spacecraft wouldn’t land on Venus, but it would use its gravitational effect for the purpose. Well, the prophecy is all about finding a new source of energy. We never know if the Parker Solar Probe ends up discovering in this regard as well or not.

Pattern of Baba Vanga Prophecies in 2017

The language of prophecies is not always clear. About 9/11 Baba Vanga predicted that two steel birds would attack America. For Brexit, she forecasted that Europe wouldn’t remain as we know the continent.

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