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Trump’s Scene Gets Deleted From CBC Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

The Canadian Broadcasting Center (CBC) deleted the iconic Trump scene from the American classic movie Home Alone 2. The movie had propelled McCauley Culkins to stardome.

Story Behind Trump Scene in Home Alone 2

The scene that CBC cut occurred after a lengthy negotiation between Trump and the producers of the film. The producers of the film wanted to shoot one of the films scene in the New York Trump Tower hotel which at the time was considered to be one or the most iconic and beautiful pieces of real estate located in the city.

Despite repeated attempts including offering money in exchange for permission to shoot the hotel management refused until or unless the owner of the property be given a scene in the movie. At last the film producers caved to the hotel management and literally invented a who new scene to include Trump in the movie.

What Could be the Reason

In a recent broadcast of the movie the Canadian broadcasting center cut the improvised scene from the movie allegedly due to time constraints. Well, folks think that due to upcoming US presidential elections the censorship might be due to political reasons. The incident is also making speculate if Trudeau’s gossip about Trump with other world leaders might be a reasons. But reports that qoute CBC resources suggest that Trump’s cameo from TV version of the show was edited out due to time shortage.

Honestly I haven’t met a person till now who hasn’t seen Home Alone 2: Lost in New York but just to clear the air and to take everybody on board the movie is about a young boy played by McCauley Caulkin’s who gets lost in New York and how he fends  against different problems he faces.

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