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Hope Not Hate Report Suggests an Increase in Anti-Meghan Sentiment

A report by an advocacy group called Hope Not Hate shows that online post containing racial comments addressing Megan Markel the Dutch’s of Sussex have increased since she announced her pregnancy. The report has been doubted the hope not hate report by some.

What Does the Hope Not Hate Report Suggest

After analyzing more than 5000 tweets, an advocacy group called Hope Not Hate published a report that stated that the number of posts containing disrespectful tone towards Meghan after her pregnancy has increased. 70% of the hateful material originated from 20 accounts.

The fact that 70% of the disrespectful material originated from such a small number of accounts hints that they were created purely to incite hatred towards the Duchess of Sussex and often retweeted articles that portrayed the Dutch’s negatively.

Upon further research, the advocacy group found some accounts linked to far-right websites and social media pundits that used pejorative or insulting tone addressing the ditches but concluded that they were not a part of any campaign against her.

Since the release of this Hope Not Hate report Kensington palace has shifted much of its resources to take down, delete or remove much of the online post abusing the Meghan Markel. The palace is also using special software to filter posts containing the word Negro.

The Royal Family’s Reaction to Report

Apart from the action taken by Kensington palace the royal family in light of the Hope not Hate report has released a list of guidelines for people to follow while posting material online regarding them or other people. Anyone who breaches the guidelines will be subjected to police action.

The guidelines came as a result of an increase in the online abuse against Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge which was mostly sexist.

Why is Meghan Markel the Target of Such Hatred?

 According to experts usually, when people think of royalty or a Dutch’s, in this case, they tend to picture a white person with British royal background or decent. Even though Meghan who is now royal by marriage, defies or contradicts all the general norms. She’s an American national who was born to an immigrant family and is of mixed descent

The contradiction of these general norms may have unintentionally invited this rude and disrespectful reaction from the people.

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